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Thinking and Feeling

When you are struggling with something;
To go against what you THINK you should do, and go with what you FEEL is usually the better option.

We must go with what we FEEL we want to do, not with what we THINK is the best thing to do.


Because otherwise we'll follow our heads and still not be truly happy.

Thinking about how you feel.

Thinking about how you feel is fine, but to truly KNOW how you feel requires a removal of thoughts for a short period of time. Some quiet time, meditation or just a brief moment when you can close your eyes and feel.

You feel it in your 'heart', either a glowing feeling or a dull damp feeling.

Because we convince ourselves that we think we know what we feel. We talk ourselves out of what we really truly want with our nagging thoughts.

But consider this :-

You THINK you should do something, so you do it, continue with it but feel discontented.

You then DO what you feel you want to do, and you get a burst of contentment.. ok, so it MAY not last... because then we start to WORRY if we've done the right thing or not.

If you're having trouble distinguishing between what you think and what you feel. The key is to figure out which option will give you that short sharp burst of peace/happiness/contentment/excitement.

Truly feeling...

To truly feel, close your eyes and picture yourself in BOTH (or all) scenarios that you see in front of you. Picture yourself THERE and acknowledge how you feel at the thought of 'being' in that scenario. Forget all of those 'nagging' thoughts, forget about all the limitations or complications... we'll get to those in a minute.

But truly, imagine completely YOURSELF in each scenario without complications, and which one makes your heart 'rise up', or glow, or glimmer...

If you are truly feeling, you will feel parts of you 'glow' at certain thoughts, it may rise up in your heart or your throat, it may sink down in your stomach or heart.

What you are feeling is YOUR energy in your chakras.

Testing how you feel

If you are having trouble with the scenarios; To test how you feel, try these scenarios; Close your eyes and imagine yourself fully there, with all the details you like.

  • Sitting in a library
  • Taking an exam
  • Sitting in the dentist waiting room
  • Sitting on a beach in the summer
  • Sitting with your best friends in a pub/park in a leisurely gathering.

Then move on to your own scenarios.

Do as you feel, and clear your thoughts...
our thoughts are based on fear, our feelings are true.

Thoughts are based on our Ego. Our Ego is separate from our Soul. Our Ego thinks, our soul feels.

Doing what you feel and worrying...

Don't worry - if you've done what you FELT was right, then you'll know because you'll FEEL even for a short time, a feeling of relief, contentment, happiness, excitement or peace.

If you've done what you THINK you should do and feel awkward, difficult, distracted, discontent or unsettled - then you should worry ;-) (and start feeling instead..)

When doing what you feel has complications

Complications are thoughts and practical issues which prevent us from acting from our hearts. These limitations or considerations may be down to financial constraints, lack of time, lack of support, family considerations, location issues, legal or governmental conditions and moral/ethical reasons.

We must always act with consideration for others, law, order and material limitations.  It is important to fully acknowledge if the complications are down to 'material' or 'physical' limitations or 'emotional' and 'mental' limitations.

Material/Physical limitations or complications.

Material and Physical limitations can be a pain in the rear, but are not insurmountable. If you truly want these limitations cleared, a positive way can be looked for.

  • If you need to campaign for changes or rally support to follow your heart, do so within safe boundaries.
  • If you need more money or time, these can be found if you are dedicated to the cause. Seek assistance if it is all too much for you to do alone.
  • If what you want to do goes against your religion or ethics, you could do well to think carefully about why you even feel the need to do 'this' in the first place. It may be your religion or ethics are no longer fitting who you are.

Emotional/Mental limitations or complications.

Emotional and mental limitations can be in us, or in other people. We may not have the support of those we love, or we may just feel overwhelmed in ourselves.

  • If you feel what you want will hurt others, you have to consider the laws of responsibility. i.e. You are not responsible for the emotional situations of others. We all CHOOSE how we feel. We all choose to hold on to anger, hurt or pain instead of working through it and releasing it.. You choose it, others choose it too.
  • If the limitation is within YOU, you have all the power to change yourself. It simply takes a complete dedication and commitment to your yourself.

The following information is from a holistic and spiritual perspective.

Crystal Therapy/Healing.

A good crystal to help you work with thinking and feeling is Sodalite.

Among it's healing properties, Sodalite has a balancing effect on one's emotions and mental state. Helping to alleviate fear and bring clarity of mind.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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