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Inner rebellion, is about deciding to change who you are and what you do. It's about finding confidence when you have always been shy. It's about finding creativity when you have always been logical. It's about turning the tide from whom you have always thought yourself to be, into being someone you truly want to be.

At times in most of our lives we've rebelled against something.

For example; We wore make up when our parents told us we couldn't, we lied about our homework or deadlines at work, we've skipped church.

Rebellion isn't a crime in itself (unless it breaks a law!). Rebellion is about doing what you want to do, regardless of what other people say you should be doing.

Children vs Adults

As children rebel, they don't make excuses for their behaviour. They don't say 'I can't do that because of mum', they just do it because they want to.

It's easier for a child to rebel in some ways. They are still finding their way, they are testing your boundaries and the boundaries set upon them at school.

Yet as adults we think they are being difficult, unreasonable and immature. Well, they are children after all. Children, Especially teenagers don't think... ' I can't wear that what will people think', they think 'I'm going to wear this because I want to fit in / be noticed / be different / I like it / because I can'

Children don't think things like, 'Best not play the music too loud, the neighbours may complain', 'Can't wear my socks two days in a row', 'Must make my bed incase a friend comes over'.
Children are so unmarred by other peoples opinions and beliefs, that rebellion comes easy! It's only when we say they must do things, that conflict arises.

What will the neighbours say...

We spend a huge part of our adult lives thinking more about what other people think and what other people needs than our own.

Why do we think we know what other people will be thinking? The truth is, we know what we are thinking.

We believe our neighbours will judge us on what we would judge them on. Rebellion is not caring what other people think of you, its about doing what you feel is right for YOU and for only you.

What would happen if you just did what YOU wanted?

What it would mean to you, and what you would feel like doing it.

If no one were to judge you, laugh at you, intimidate you, if no one served as a boundary to you doing what you wanted to do - exactly WHAT would you be doing right now?

We live in a society of laws and socially acceptable behaviour, these things must be considered, so before you decide to rebel by walking down the high street naked, be aware that you may get arrested!

However no one is stopping you from being the person you want to be, except YOU.

Be aware of the possible consequences of your actions.

It's true, if we go against someone else's wishes we run the risk of upsetting them.

However, in domestic situations, conforming to other people can be just as upsetting for you.

You have to be comfortable with yourself and who you are.

So, you must consider the path which will make you feel most comfortable.

If you want to say to hell with work for a week, you run the risk of losing your job.
If you want to leave your partner, know the legal battle lies ahead.
If you want to do something your partner disagrees with, talk with them.

The saying goes.... Look before you leap.

We allow others to restrict us, fear the repercussions of change. Security, love, financial affairs, happiness... the price we pay - will it be too high?

Yet to fear the price we pay will be high, is to then devalue yourself.

Know your confines

We need money to live, someplace to sleep, food and water. We all live each day and give these things to ourselves.

Happiness is your right.

Why don't you give that to yourself?

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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