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Parenting in the light...

Raising an emotionally and spiritually balanced child involves many factors, but most importantly; you as the parent should do your best to be balanced and objective in yourself. Children learn by example, however along the way they strike out in ways that we have no idea of the origin...

As children grow up, they are learning to manage, handle and express their emotions. As a parent, we should do our very best to assist them in this emotional jungle, as we do with all other physical and mental learning aspects of their lives.

It's difficult in a society, where New Age or Spiritual concepts are still very much thought to belong to the 'wierd people' or 'hippies' down the road. Whilst alternative therapies and culture are becoming more widely accepted now, MOST parents do not teach their children any kind of religious study, let alone teaching them any kind of spiritual balance.

Some very important life skills are often overlooked, they are not taught in schools, but left for the individual to learn for themselves. Acceptance, Gratitude, Integrity, Love - to name but a few.
In a society which appears to be raising more and more children whom adopt the 'It's all about me' attitude, it can be very hard to raise an emotionally and spiritually balanced child.

Some things we do have to learn for ourselves, and children also. The value of acceptance or love can't always be talked about - it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Children can benefit immensely from meditation, relaxation and massage. Many children love crystals and can also benefit from learning about these should they wish. But don't force this upon them; remember they learn may of their life skills and interests through us, so if they see you are meditating and would like to try it, do allow them - but don't be disappointed if they don't want to do it all the time. Their childhood is a time where they can try new things. Things which they are more likely to turn to in later life

Indigo/Crystal Children

A parent whom has an interest in alternative and spiritual ways has a natural tendency to believe that their child is an indigo or a crystal child. Please remember that every child is special, every child has something wonderful to bring to this world.

Do encourage, but please do not push your children into following a path you feel is chosen for them. Remember, this child will find their path.

It is important that we teach and encourage our children to assist them on their journey, that we encourage their passions, if that is dancing or healing.

But knowing your child is special, can have it's own set of difficulties. There are very few books or articles out there which offer real advice on actually parenting a crystal child. They cite guidelines and things to look out for, without any real day to day assistance.

Essentially, Every crystal child should be treated as you would expect any child to be treated, they may have more understanding than other children, yet they are still children and should be allowed to be a child - HOWEVER, those areas such as;-

  • How to react when your child talks about Angels, Spirits, Voices.
  • How to explain to a 6 year old that not every child has the same ability to sense and feel other peoples emotions, see auras and ailments.
  • Teaching them to express their own emotions, not use other peoples
  • Dealing with how they know things and they have NO idea how they know it.
  • Dealing with their ability to discuss something which you spoke about in another room after they have gone to bed.

And more practical issues like

  • How to cope with their excessive energy levels
  • How to cope with their short attention spans
  • How to teach them to manage their intense sensitivity to others
  • Managing their frustrations and need to succeed.
  • Their need for attention

A Book published by Hay House, called The Indigo Children, The New Kids have arrived (Featured below), offers much parenting assistance and includes excerpts from Doreen Virtue, whom has her own book on Crystal Children also featured below. Both are very useful reads for any parent whom suspects their child may be indigo or crystal.

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