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Law of Attraction

You may know this as the law of attraction, abundance, cosmic ordering or as 'The Secret'.

The law of attraction is simple in theory, harder in practice!

In theory; You will get what you want. But only if you truly feel you deserve it.

Without going into the Quantum Physics or the Universal Laws in any great detail; this page is intended for those with an awareness of the Spiritual Law of Attraction and are struggling to integrate it into their lives.

We all know what we want, but we get frustrated and angry when things do not go how we want them to.

We have to ensure we are doing two things.

  1. We have to set the vision free, not clinging to it as a hope.
  2. We have to ensure that we have no inner blockages which are preventing manifestation.

Oh!... and a third thing... Trust!

Clearing Inner Blockages

It is easy to 'want' and know we want something. But when we are not getting it and we are sure we have set it free. Then the reason you are not getting what you want is because of an inner blockage.

Many of these will be ingrained age-old blockages.

If you want abundance (in any form), and it is not coming your way, your blockage is to do with your inner expectation of lack.

If you can learn to recognise situations which are repeating themselves on your path, you can use these to see what you are reflecting.

You get what you feel...

If you want more money, but don't feel inside that you deserve it. You won't get it.
If you don't believe that the Law of Attraction is working for you - it won't.

Affirming "I deserve" may help; however it then makes you totally focused on receiving 'it' and doesn't set it free. Affirm or state once, whilst totally feeling the receiving and deserving. Once only and set it free with complete trust.

Setting the 'want list' free.

Letting go of what you want can be a truly difficult process. If we ask for something and are sat there waiting for it to manifest. We are not allowing the 'mind energy' to flow out of our local space into the universe. If it does not flow out into the universe it can not manifest.

When you can not set your wants free, you are attached to them. You don't need to give up or let go of the 'want', you just have to set it free.

It's unconditional.


When we struggle to set something free, we are not trusting it will come back to us. We are not at peace with ourselves and we are not fully at peace in our lives.

In order to trust, it is important to find peace within yourself.

Stop Waiting

You can not sit there and wait. Doing this, only holds onto your 'want' and delays you receiving. You may think getting what you want is easy. You've asked for it, and are sitting back in your chair waiting for the knock on the door.

That knock on the door will not come whilst you are consciously waiting for it. You have to set it free. You've asked.. so now get on with your life, whilst your energy goes to work for you.

Ask for it, picture it and then stop checking up on it every half an hour. Checking up on it pulls it back to you, and doesn't let it get 'out there'.

So near so far

If you have ever found that you are on the brink of getting what you want, and at the last minute you get 'pipped' at the post. It can be a truly frustrating experience. You are manifesting the opportunity, but at the last minute you feel undeserving thus pushing away what you want.
It can come as a simple "I can't believe this is really happening" moment, which literally says 'Ok, lets take this away'. It brings disappointment and we are left wondering WHY we missed our chance again.

Remember, it's coming from within you. It's not that the 'universe' doesn't feel you are deserving. It's you. Last minute nerves, jitters or lack of trust in who you are/what you want.

The other problem is; if this is a recurring theme in your life. That you are so focused on getting to that 'one point', that the chase becomes the game for you. As in; you have focused this part of your journey on chasing the dream, It is a good idea to start viewing yourself as 'in' the situation. As in, beyond the chase, as in truly feeling being where you want to be, having what you truly want. Not just the point of 'getting it', but beyond that. Then relax. Then let it go. Then go enjoy what you have in life today.

Getting just enough

If you find you are only ever getting just enough, it is within you that the limitations are being formed. You are feeling you deserve as much you are actually receive.

Look at the situation and ask yourself, in what areas are you limiting your intake, why are you preventing more than 'just enough'. Where is your focus?

If you focus is on getting just enough, that is all you will get. If your focus is on getting MORE than enough, that is what you will get. If you can free yourself up and allow yourself to have everything without limitation - That is what you will get.

Stop putting things on hold.

When we are totally focused on ONE particular outcome, we are putting various other areas of our life on hold.

We have to live, we have to experience and when we are totally focused, our tunnel vision prevents us from seeing everything else in our life; thus we could be missing vital opportunities.

Things manifest often in a way that we can't imagine. We know what we want and know how we want it to come to us - So we are totally focused on watching things come to us in the way WE have imagined.

Remember; you don't need to worry about the details. Let the details work themselves out and be in your reality. Work with what you have, and what you have got. Allow things to come to you; allow yourself to live your life and enjoy each moment.

It is then that you can start seeing and acting upon co-incidences. They will occur the more open and flowing your thoughts are.

When things matter too much

When we allow something to matter so much that it takes over our every thought. We are allowing an aspect of 'fear' to control us. It is important to work through that aspect of fear. Prepare or know what you would do in the worst case situation; what it would mean to you and why you fear it. It is often only when we allow ourselves to totally look at our fear aspect that we can see what it is that is preventing us from achieving the things we truly want.

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