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Are you indigo?

Sometimes we seek a clear definition of who we are. It's not always needed.
Just know who you are, and define yourself.

You may have some, few or all of the characteristics of an Indigo or Crystal Child. We are all different and work in different ways.

Rather than seeking to claim 'I am definitely indigo' , You would to well to take on board what feels right, and ignore what feels wrong.

Internet Groups, Forums and Websites can help you learn about yourself, your abilities and you'll probably find some of it useful, and some of it which doesn't 'click'

... follow your heart and trust your intuition...

Is my child a crystal child?

Sometimes we seek to define our children, instead of accepting and embracing exactly who and what they are.

If you believe your child is a crystal child, then treat them no differently as you would should they not be.
Please do not place any expectations on your child as you may be disappointed.

If your child is a crystal child, you will have your own fair share of difficulties to contend with. Society needs these children, but society does still shy away from all abundant love... They will need your help to do their work, and you will need to find ways to help them to understand why other people are not like them.

There are many, many enlightened children being born to the world. All have a special life to lead.

All crystal children have differing degrees of talents, energy and needs.
Work with your child to assist them as individuals.
There is no rule book, no tried and trusted ways to raise these spiritually aware children.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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