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Hiding Feeling

Hiding how you feel from someone else is not just against The Rules Of Life, it's also guaranteed to make sure that they can't help you.

"Focus on your truth and let someone else define theirs as they will" Jonathan Cainer

Sometimes it 'can' get hard to be honest with other people - like you kind of 'pussyfoot' around to trying to be sensitive.

So long as one is truthful with ones self, then it doesn't matter what anyone else believes is right.

Hiding things from others

When we hide things from others; it is not lying, but an absence of truth.

Consider the reasons why YOU do not wish to share or impart what you know.

It'll be because either you don't want others to see you in that light; or because you are trying to protect them.

The truth always comes out in the end.

Incomplete Facts

When we do not give people a complete set of information, they are only working and living from what THEY know to be the truth.

Basically we allowing them to be ignorant of critical factors in regards to the situation.

You may feel that they will be hurt or upset, but you are also only working on theory.

Swap Shoes

If you feel the need to say or do something, yet your primary concern is not putting your foot in things/causing trouble/upsetting someone/letting sleeping dogs lie, consider first if the roles were reversed. Would you want someone to inform you, and if YES, how would YOU want to hear it?
There are three ways of pointing something out to someone.

1) There's the abrupt way, which will raise hackles and defences. This can have it's value. As behind ones defences things still sink in and depending on the person may or may not be acted upon. If the person is surrounded by fears, this approach can cause retreat and arguments.

2) There's the subtle way, making suggestions, yet not really getting to the point and just hoping that the person will get the hint. This too can have its value, as all things are absorbed in time. Eventually that person will think things were their idea!

3) The honest approach, saying 'Look, I don't want to interfere but feel I must just say this'.
Be sincere, understand who they are and if you remain calm, if you can refrain from making any judgements and criticisms of that person, then honesty can have immediate power. ... Do be careful that you are being truly honest though, be sure that what you are suggesting isn't about YOU, for your benefits of motives, otherwise it can easily turn into the abrupt approach and cause more agro. Be aware that no one likes to be judged or told what to do.

Honesty, truly is the best policy.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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