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Dreams, tell us so much. They show us our hopes, fears and occasionally may even show us what will be.

A dream is either

  • playing out a metaphorical scenario of your fears
  • playing out a metaphorical scenario of your hopes
  • playing out metaphorical events from your life
  • prophetic

Understanding our dreams

The best way to fully understand your dream is to write it down as soon as you wake up. If you leave it, small significant parts of the dream will disappear. Write down in as much detail as you can, if it feels like you float from one scene to another, be sure to write and describe everything you saw or felt.

Don't use a dream dictionary, I feel the best way to look at your dreams is by the metaphorical things they show.

  • If you feel like you are falling, or drowning- it's because you are having trouble dealing with whatever is in your life...
  • If you are running... you are trying to escape something in your life... hiding... trying to hide...
  • If you are climbing.... you are trying to achieve

Only YOU know what is going on in your head, therefore only YOU can truly find the analogy behind the symbolism.

When we write down our dreams, it often makes sense to us what they mean.


If you wake from a bad dream... if a dream disturbs you, walk through it in your mind and KNOW what you would do if it occurred in real life.

As our behaviour in our dreams doesn't always reflect that which we would truly do. However, it does often show us what we are currently doing in a metaphorical way.

Quite often we awake from nightmares, with a pounding heart, sometimes feeling truly afraid, scared, worried. It is important to remind yourself it was a dream and re-play the story in your head KNOWING what you would have done differently. And in dreams, if you want to create an escape hatch - you can.

Prophetic dreams

It is difficult to distinguish if a dream is prophetic at the time it occurs. If we dream of a film star dying in a certain manner, it may just be that your mind is recalling that you haven't seen a film by that actor in a long time or that you though the last film they were in was rubbish.

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