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For something to be out of balance, there must have first been a balancing point. Whatever IS out of balance CAN be rebalanced.

We all have the ability to find that balancing point.
It comes from expressing your truth in your life.

Occasionally to find balance we have to rid ourselves of the emotions and situations which have caused the imbalance in the first place.

Many imbalances have occurred slowly over many years, thus it is wrong to presume that a 'magic wand' can be waved to bring things back into that balancing point.

Inner Balance

Inner Balance is a sense of well-being. It's a feeling of contentment and peace, that everything is as it should be and that everything that you can see ahead is calm also.

Everything IS always as it should be, even when we are facing difficult situations. Difficult situations are there to serve our personal growth. Even, if that spiritual stance is hard for you to fully take on board; if you can view every obstacle as an opportunity for self awareness and growth, the hurdle will shrink.

Take responsibility of yourself

The key to finding balance is accepting responsibility for yourself.

To accept full responsibility for how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing in your life.

Balance will not come from anyone else. No one else can bring you balance, they may bring comfort yet; they will not keep you IN balance. You do that. You allow that.

Quit taking full responsibility for others

As well as taking responsibility for ourselves, we have to quit taking on everyone else's problems and allowing others to accept their own responsibilities.
YOU should not be taking on every one else's responsibilities to the detriment of yourself.

You should help, advise, assist, be compassionate and understanding. Give what YOU can freely and happily give. When other peoples issues take over your life, you need to step back.

At times, we DO have to be responsible for others. Yet, we should not seek to take FULL and complete responsibility for every single aspect of another persons life, we must seek others to share those responsibilities.

In terms of people whom need full time care, you should try to find a way to share that care with others.

In terms of our children, we must once they are of school age, start teaching them how to be responsible for themselves (in small ways of course!).

Feeling in balance

When you are feeling balanced, stepping forward in your life isn't daunting or scary in any way.
It's as though you have complete trust in yourself. A little like; walking along a plank of wood which is laying on the ground... it's easy to do... Yet, when we are unbalanced, it's as though that plank of wood is twenty foot from the ground. Suddenly we become cautious, fearful and doubtful.

Feeling out of balance

When we know what circumstances and situations throw us off balance, suddenly we are like a tight rope walker. Fully acknowledging those things which throw us out of balance, gives us an imaginary balance bar to hold on to (should we choose), the next time we are faced with a similar circumstance or situation.

Imagine a time when you felt completely in balance. This may have been last week, last year, or many many years ago. Whenever it was, just pull yourself back to that moment for a second or two.

The key now, is to bring forward that feeling of balance to now.

It's not an easy task. First we must acknowledge what is knocking us OUT of balance; without placing ANY blame on anyone else.

Your feeling of imbalance is YOURS.

Your feeling of imbalance is YOURS. Take ownership of it and acknowledge that it is YOUR responsibility to re-balance.
No-one else can do it for you. You can take advice and temporary support from friends and family, but it is down to you to stand firmly on your own two feet.

Write down an 'imbalance' list. Which contains everything which you feel is bringing you 'down' NOW and includes all things which 'can and do' knock you off balance (which you may be feeling ok about now, but you know at times get you - like embarrassment, lack of confidence in certain circumstances etc).

Should you find yourself blaming your imbalance on someone else, or on someone else's actions, you need to pull yourself back and ask WHY (Please see Blame ).

Should you find yourself feeling or lingering on any of the following emotions; please click through for a read, and please try to find a way to clear the emotion which is 'stuck'

Your 'imbalance' list may just have a single item on it, it may have several. We can all think of things which we would like to attain to improve our sense of balance.

Balance not only comes from emotional contentment, but also from contentment financially, within our families, within our career and from spiritual matters.

It is important to try to consider all aspects of your life, the big things as well as the small things.

It will take commitment from yourself to bring these things into balance, It will mean you will have to take sole responsibility for yourself. take one item from your list at a time and work your way through it.

If you do this well and thoroughly, you shall benefit no end.

Consistent Effort

Retaining your balance, may take consistent effort.

As soon as we think we've dealt with and worked through all of our triggers; something else comes along which bowls us over and knocks us out of sync again.

"Damn!" we shout, "Thought I'd cracked it!"

However, those knocks and bowls, you will find are easier to recover from as and when they occur.

Even recovering from the same knocks will take less and less time for you to recover your balance. Until eventually your foundations are solid and you can react from a point of balance.

"Where there is pretence, there is rarely progress. Where there is honesty, success is never far away." Jonathan Cainer

Progress will be slow if you can not be truly honest with yourself.

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