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Waiting involves patience and an ability to 'let go', 'let be' as well as a relaxed attitude.

We've all heard the saying, "A watched pot never boils". Which isn't strictly true; if just FEELS as though it'll never boil because all of our focus is on that water. When we divert our attentions onto other things; the water appears to boil a lot quicker.

When we are consciously waiting for something we become 'tense', 'anxious' and often 'agitated'. This may be as mild as impatience, or as strong as anger.

If we are waiting for important news, or to hear from someone, we often find it impossible to truly focus on anything else. Even when we KNOW that our time would be better served doing something else WHILST we wait. It's almost as though, nothing else matters- you find it hard to even read a magazine article.

Prolonged periods of waiting; when there is no definite time limit can often give us headaches, tense shoulders, if coupled with anxiety can lead to more physical complications.

Whilst there is no easy cure to ease any waiting period, regardless of if you KNOW today is the day, or have NO idea when the news will come. If you find that you simply can NOT concentrate or focus on anything else, then probably the most productive thing you can focus on is 'Why' you have placed so much importance on receiving, arriving or hearing that which you are waiting for.


If possible, try to find something which will relax you. A hot bath or shower, a meditation. Remember to breathe deeply (in through your nose and out through your mouth), Put on some music, sing, dance, walk the dog.
Distracting yourself by keeping busy also works, but it does tend to wear you out quicker. Because it keeps you tense. By doing things that are relaxing, you stand half a chance at reducing the tension within your body.


Often, along with waiting. We allow ourselves to become anxious or we worry about how things will turn out. Sometimes we feel afraid that things will not work out as we hope.

It is important to try to stay calm and not focus on the negative outcomes. Yes; it is wise to be prepared for any outcome. But you'll probably be surprised that things never actually turn out EXACTLY as we think they will. Fate likes to throw in a few surprises.

Waiting / Delays

Late train/ queues /traffic etc.. We've all been there, feeling a tad frustrated because we have to wait longer than we thought, these hold ups are going to make us late for this or that and its going to mean making a few phone calls, re-organising the day and blah blah... c'mon does it truly matter... is it really worth raising your heart-rate for?

If your train is late.. well stop a minute...  If you think you've got problems re-organising your day; think of the rest of the folk around you - they are all in the same boat, and someone somewhere is having to run around and re-schedule platforms... it's chaos.. why add to it with a frustrated attitude.

These things happen, it's part of life. If everything ran on time, if everything occurred without waits or delays then we'd never get a moment to ourselves.

So in a more positive light; use waits and delays to refocus your thoughts.

Mostly we get annoyed by such occurrences because we do lead such busy lives, we like things to run on schedule because we know where we are. Occasionally though this 'order' is so controlled that we are unable to find a minute to even enjoy scheduled leisure time.

A final note

As with all things concerning ourselves. Our commitment to ourselves works alongside our recognition of those things which throw us out of balance.

When you understand WHY you have trouble waiting, the waiting process CAN become easier. But it is YOUR responsibility to allow it to be so.

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