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How many times have you said 'I KNEW IT!'
Yet at the time, acted differently because you placed your trust; not in what you 'felt', but in what someone else told you?

Trust your intuition.

Never doubt those niggles, despite what other people may say to the contrary.

Issues only arise when we confuse Intuition with Ego responses. (Hopefully will get into that at a later date).

Trusting others

You should never entirely place all of your trust in anyone other than yourself.

Now, I'm not saying not to trust ANYONE. Because during the course of our lives, many great things occur when we trust other other people. We trust a pilot, we trust teachers, we trust police officers, we trust our friends and we trust our loved ones.

All I am saying, is that everyone is complex, and most of us have good intentions. Listen, Absorb and Assess situations and then choose to trust in what YOU feel about the situation and put that trust in yourself.

When you forget to trust yourself, and allow that trust to reside in someone else's hands, then trust me, you'll likely wish you hadn't!

For example, we trust in the pilot, because we trust in the airline. We know that the pilot is fully trained, and there is a co-pilot. So it's ok to trust that at least one person in the cockpit knows what they are doing.

Retain trust in yourself, do not give that responsibility to others, they may not be as careful with it as you are.

To trust someone means you know that come what may, You trust in yourself and your judgements of that person.

Actions speak louder than words.

Yet, if someone says one thing and does another; we have no reason to truly trust in them.

So we must fully assess any situation before proffering our trust.

Listen, Watch and Trust what you feel.
Try to avoid thoughts, just FEEL.

If something feels wrong, question it immediately. Don't just wait to see what happens later and then regret it. Deal with it asap, clear it up - if it was 'nothing' then at least you can proceed with a little more trust. If it was 'something', then you'll be very grateful you found out NOW, rather than later.

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When your inability to trust, yourself or others, is effecting your emotional well-being or your day to day life you may benefit from counselling and therapy.
Counselling should not be seen as a last resort, it is a fantastic way to talk through the things that are bothering you with someone impartial. Seeking counselling at the early stages can dramatically improve your emotional confidence.

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