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Are you feeling unsafe or insecure?

We worry for our safety when we have lost or are at risk of losing something. Also when we are in situations facing physical and emotional danger.

Our sense of security is often dependent on something or someone. However, prolonged or ingrained insecurity can be based often on events that occurred in childhood or in previous years which we have never truly dealt with.

Physical Danger

Physical abuse, bullying, being bullied and worried about the lengths which it may go to; being worried about threats to yourself physically. Includes sexual abuse.

It is important to remove yourself from the threat of physical danger as soon as it starts. If you are just being threatened it is important that you remove yourself from the situation before it goes to far. If this is a workplace issue; you could try approaching your senior staff members. If this is a family issue, you should confide in other family members and/or notify the correct authorities.

Nothing is more important than your own physical safety. Regardless of all other self-imposed restrictions, it is important to feel physically safe.

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Emotional Insecurity

For example; loss of a loved one and the implications of; fear of losing someone you love, believing in the words of a bully, or constantly putting yourself down.

Emotional insecurity can be based on many different things. It is important to try to clarify exactly what you feel insecure about.

If your insecurity is within yourself, rather than feeling insecure about a partner or loved one, it can be worthwhile thinking back to a time that you didn't feel insecure. Then ask yourself what happened, what changed in your life which has made you feel insecure.
This may have been loss of a job, a relationship, absorbed comments from people you cared for, influence of parents/siblings/friends/colleagues.

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Material/ Financial Security

For example; being at risk of losing your job, having lost your job, being in financial difficulty, at risk of losing your home or being unable to provide for your family, or yourself.

Material and Financial insecurity can freeze us up inside. Not knowing where to turn or what to do for the best. Lack of insurance or nest egg can truly put fear into you. The most important thing is to take some time to clearly think about all the possible options available to you; including the things you don't like or want. Try to remove the fear by building yourself a clear picture of what IS available, even if it means a change of lifestyle or career.

If your problem is financial, it's important to know what you need, and what help may be available to you. Very often people are not fully aware of financial assistance that is available, simply because it has never been needed. Free legal advice is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau (UK). If you have debt, DO contact the companies you owe money to and ask them for advice.

If your problem is your job, you may find this could be the launch pad you need to do something you have always wanted to do; to go back to school or even just find employment with a better company. Be optimistic. Change is scary, but often works out for the best.

Running the risk of losing something

As above with emotional and material items, not knowing if there is trouble ahead or fearing trouble, expecting trouble.

We are afraid when we are not fully informed, or when our ingrained issues cause us to think from an irrational perspective. More often than not; we don't realise that we are being irrational or that we do not have all the information. For this reason it is important to seek out someone to talk to.

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