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What you resist persists

That is, those things you try to ignore, those things you try to forget, those things which you deny yourself, those things that you resist.. Will continue to appear in your life until you resolve the resistance.

Ever wondered why things keep reappearing, same old issues just with different people, in different guises?

Those things you are afraid of, those fears you hold deep inside; keep preventing you from doing things in your life, or keep being presented to you in different forms.

That feeling of swimming against the tide. Trying so hard to achieve something, yet never fully being able to attain it?

Look Deeper

You need to look deeper into the situation and see what it is you are avoiding.

When you put all of your thoughts into avoiding doing something, that something becomes a focus of your attention.

So that the very act of persistently trying to avoid tending to it, simply appears to attract it more strongly into your life.

But you carry on hoping that ignorance is bliss... but you're not really avoiding it are you. Because all of your actions, are resisting it.

Thus, you keep yourself busy to avoid doing something else, you keep yourself otherwise entertained to avoid it, but it's there nagging in the back of your mind.

Your life is a reflection of yourself.

Life truly does reflect who we are. Every person, every situation, every thing that happens is a reflection of YOU in some way.

Everything serves as a constant reminder of you.

Because of this, the energy we put into resistance; brings us more resistance. It is only when we change our attitudes and give up the resistance that life can actually start bringing us what we want.

From a technical or logical perspective this may be hard to grasp; yet you can't really deny when you look at your life, those things which you have resisted have persisted in some form. Until either you had to accept them, or release them; either way - when you have dropped the resistance; the issues cease.

You get what you feel you deserve, not what you specifically want.

So we have to look at WHY we resist things.

Well, on a base level it's down to fear and doubt. Throughout our life we have conditioned ourselves, thus our resistance may be based on events in our past. It also can be connected to moral or ethical circumstances, More importantly, our resistance comes down to how we feel about ourselves.

We strive to attain things, or to avoid things; yet those things we strive to attain we never achieve and those things we are trying to avoid; continue.

We aren't getting what we want, because we don't feel we deserve it. Or we are presented with opportunities which we simply do not take.

Life gives us what we ask for.

We want things, yet do not like the path which will GIVE us these things.

Quote from the film "Evan Almighty"

"GOD says: Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other? "

For example:

  • You need help.
    Help then arrives but not from the source you want, so you push it away because you are determined to retain your independence.
  • You want to talk about something
    But when someone arrives to talk to, you avoid what you want to say because you are afraid or nervous, or don't feel it's the right person.
  • You really want to improve things
    But you're so used to a struggle that you don't really feel that things come easy to you.
  • You meet an amazing person whom you want to share things with
    Yet your independent streak won't let them get close.

So be aware of all the things that come your way, when you are more aware of that which comes your way, it's easier to 'greet' what you truly want.

  • If you want to talk, talk to the person whom comes your way (quite often new perspectives help).
  • You want to improve things, stop seeing things as a struggle
  • You meet that amazing person, realise they won't kill that independent streak, there's no need for dependency, but team work can be fruitful.


That thing which keeps cropping up in your mind, shows there's something to be resolved... resolve it and you will feel free...

Start allowing yourself to live how you want to live. Start allowing yourself to be who you want to be. This will involve a few changes in yourself. Confidence, Courage, Patience etc.

Stop feeling frustrated that you are not achieving what you want, and understand what you are resisting. Stop focusing on the negative aspect and start focusing on the positive aspect.

Life is never against you - it works with you.

Stop doubting yourself, stop pushing away what you truly want. Open your eyes and see what is really being presented to you.

During a major downpour of rain, a town beside a river flooded as the river burst it banks. The floodwaters rose and rose and eventually the man was forced to take refuge on his roof. He was praying to God to save him as he climbed onto the roof. His faith was strong.

Shortly a few of the townspeople came past his roof in a boat.
'Climb in', they yelled at him.
'No, the LORD will save me', he called back.

The waters were still rising and before long they were lapping at his feet. The man kept praying, harder and harder. 'God, please save me, I don't want to die here.'

Shortly a rescue helicopter came along and dropped a man on a rope who told the man to hold on to him and he would be winched to safety.
'No', said the man, 'I am waiting for the LORD to save me. He will save me'.
The helicopter man was stunned but could not persuade the man to be pulled up to safety.

Seeing there was no point, he instructed the pilot to save other people instead, and the man was left on his roof as the waters continued to rise.

Soon the man was swept away and was drowned.

As he approached the Pearly Gates, he asked of God, 'I prayed and I prayed, I had the strongest faith in you - why did you let me drown?'

A big booming voice, that of God replied 'I sent a boat and a helicopter for you and you refused them. What else was I to do?'

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