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Life is a journey, not a destination.

A destination is a point where you decide you should be.
A goal is something you wish to attain.

Life is a journey, a series of destinations. Each one moving you along to the next.

At each destination you can move forwards, onwards, backwards, sideways...

We have choices.

When you set your destination in stone. When you have no-where to head to next, this is when we start feeling lost.

When we reach a destination (or achieve a goal), we wonder why we start looking over the fence, and seeing greener grass. We wonder why we are feeling unhappy or restless, we wonder why that which we have achieved isn't enough.

To be able to fully live your life as a journey, means you have to always be open to new opportunities, to follow your instincts, feelings and thoughts with your eyes, ears, mind and heart all open.

When we limit ourselves, the journey becomes hard. When we know no limits we start having the best times.

Stopping destinations.

A backpacker goes with the flow completely, when a city or town works out, they hang around for a while until the buzz wears off, then they go off seeking the next group of strangers whom are to become friends.

It is important to have things to aim for, but they should be in tune with how you feel, that is... have goals for yourself, not for other people.

Going with the flow

Going with the flow means we have to stop harbouring fears, we have to drop anxiety, we have to loose all our personal inhibitions and start doing as we feel.

When we start doing as we feel, something amazing happens. We not only FEEL better, as in happier, more confident and more relaxed. But we allow more co-incidences into our lives... it's almost as though things are magnetically drawn to us.

This is because we are in the flow.

Going back to our 'backpacker' who arrives in a strange town, suddenly meets someone who knows a good hostel, the hostel has new faces, these new faces become friends and point the backpacker to new places and new experiences.

Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boreman, had a route on their motorcycle treks, but .. they were open and along that way they found hospitable and generous people, and subsequently experienced things that they would NOT have experienced if they had have planned EVERY SINGLE aspect of their trips.

See, it's ok to have a destination in mind, yet the thing to remember is be fully open along the way. When we rigidly plan our lives we literally forget to stop to smell the flowers along the way.

To be in the flow, you really have to loosen up, and relax. You have to allow yourself to feel, rather than think. You have to know which direction feels right, but be ready to change it when something else makes you feel better.

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