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Our intuition is our sub-conscious bringing forth that 'gut feeling' or sense of 'knowing' into our conscious; by way of feeling or thought.

Our intuition serves us mostly with 'warning signs', and we often look back and just 'knew' something was going to happen; yet we can not always explain WHY or HOW we knew.

It can come as a sense of unease, peace, a thought 'pinging' into your head, an idea.

What we are doing is 'reading' the energy around us, the body language of others, the words of others and our brain is processing everything at once, and a little like typing in a sum on a calculator, our brain presses the = button and pings these thoughts and feelings into our consciousness.


We are intelligent beings, but often we have trouble remembering things. But they are stored up in our minds, and small things can trigger the memories back to the forefront of our minds.

In the same way; our intuition serves to remind us of things which we have forgotten. Like little nudges from our inner selves saying 'Careful', our intuition is 'remembering', adding up everything we have stored in our minds, everything we have learnt from in the past and adding it all up together and giving us the result in a feeling or thought.

Energy Changes

From a spiritual perspective; everything is made up of energy. We are constantly picking up on the energies that other people are sending out.. Certain energy changes our sub-conscious manages to 'translate' into a feeling or thought to 'warn us'. So when the 'energy' reminds us of a similar experience, we get a 'ping' of familiarity, which we call our intuition.

Intuition is NOT always a psychic experience. Reading energies and situations is not a mediumistic or prophetic experience, as in receiving information from 'the other side'. The information we are picking up on is here and now, and is more 'Empathic', Yet it is a skill which can be developed.


Clairsentience or Clear Sense is where the person feels or senses things, it is like extended intuition. Clairsentience is the ability to feel what others are feeling. It's just a knowing, it simply IS, and is very hard to explain. It's not about reading other people to know all their secrets, it's about feeling, empathising and understanding the energy of other people and of situations.

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts and memories which come into our heads; arrive as those memories or thoughts are able to serve us in our current situation.

For example; should you find yourself constantly thinking random thoughts about your ex, when you are with a new partner. It is likely that you are missing certain qualities in your current relationship (not that your old relationship should always be resumed, but say you miss the laughter, spontaneity, or feeling of peace).

For example; should you find yourself remembering a difficult event, for no reason at all, part of what you have learnt from THAT old event, may be useful in helping you in your current situation.

There is no such thing as a random thought; EVERY single thought we have has a good and powerful purpose. Our thoughts show us what we do want, what we don't want, what we want to embrace and what we fear.

Our thoughts help us by reminding us of similar events, similar feelings and similar moments which we can use to help us NOW.

Should you find yourself recalling a good night out; maybe you need another. Should you find yourself remembering a special moment, maybe you are missing some romance or joy in your life. Should you find yourself remembering a particular person, maybe something they have taught you could help you now, or maybe you should give them a call; talk to them and see if they can help you with something NOW.

Always listen to your intuition; it is the voice of your heart and the voice of your soul.

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