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Obesity is related to the Base Chakra.

Excess weight problems are usually related to comfort eating which has been taken to a higher level. As you put on weight from comfort eating, your body wants more and more. Thus what was first an emotional compensation then leads to an addiction.

Excess weight would have initially been 'put on' certain areas of your body. If you know where you usually put on the extra weight, and or where you first started storing the excess weight it can help to give you a head start on the emotional issue which needs work.

You may already have an indication of an emotional situation which started your food addiction. If your fat is stored mostly on the legs and buttocks, it is purely a base chakra issue, with feelings of self pity, poor body image/not being happy with the way you look (not just your weight), insecurity and self doubt. If your weight collects on your hips and lower abdomen, it may also be related to your self respect and the Sacral Chakra.

It is also of note to look at the fat carried in the excess areas. Is the fat flabby and loose, or is it solid and tight?
Flabby fat areas point to covering up past emotional hurt. Solid fat points to a need for protection of the self.

With a realisation of the areas initially effected and the type of fat you are storing. You should be able to start building a clear picture looking back on your life as to the emotional situations which triggered your weight gain.

Along with dieting and eating the right foods for you. As you heal the emotions related to your addiction, you will find the weight drops off - and more importantly stays off. Psychologically, you will start feeling better about who you are, and the need to comfort eat will subside.

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