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Please do seek medical assistance if you feel it is right for you.
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Why go with an alternative therapy?

Alternative therapies can complement medical treatments. Many doctors are coming to realise that alternative therapies can aid a patients mental and emotional health, which in turn aids recovery from all kinds of ailments and medical issues.

It is important to understand, that even though your doctor is qualified, they are not you.  Your doctor is qualified to prescribe you medicines to help your body - they can not prescribe you with peace of mind, emotional happiness or a sense of wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing will make your life happier, drugs will mask, subdue and heal pain, but they alone will not make your life happier. Only you can do that.

Alternative therapies are less alternative now, than they were a decade ago. Massage therapies, Hypnotherapies and Aromatherapies are widely used by many professionals and non-professionals.

A relaxing alternative

Relaxation reduces stress. Without stress our body can function more appropriately. Most alternative therapies aim to relax us.

Combining medical treatment with alternative treatments.

Combing medical treatments with alternative treatments can speed up your recovery. A sports injury requires physiotherapy, it would not heal as quickly alone.

Types of Alternative Therapies


Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
Please read Terms and Conditions of Use

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