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Our mental and emotional state has a direct impact on our health.

  • Ever felt a lump in your throat when you've been afraid to say something?
  • Ever felt your tummy flip when your a little scared?
  • Ever had to run to the toilet when you've been feeling anxious or nervous?
  • Ever caught a cold when you've been working flat out the week before?
  • Ever had a repetitive strain injury due to focusing on just one thing, resentfully.
  • Ever feinted when things have gotten too much.
  • Ever had indigestion when you've not had time to stop?
  • Ever had aching shoulders when you've been under pressure?

These are just a few examples to show exactly how our mental/emotional state effects our bodies.

  • When you are stressed, you get a headache, or back ache.
  • When you feel too much responsibility your shoulders and neck ache like so bad!
  • When you are nervous you get belly rushes and may find yourself visiting the toilet more often.
  • When you feel  relief, that feeling of thank god that's over, again you may need to visit the loo!
  • When you are overcome by grief, your heart feels empty and physically aches.
  • When you are scared your stomach tightens and feels knotted...


Nutrition & Exercise

We can help prevent illness by eating healthy foods, along with exercising and relaxing. Our body needs certain nutrients, our body also needs rest.

On a basic level, healing illness starts with an understanding of your physical and mental state.

  • Overloading with junk food, can make you feel tired.
  • Overworking/doing too much can make you feel tired and run down.
  • Over thinking, worrying can make you feel stressed and tired.

Emotional causes of Illness

These common, more widely accepted examples can all be related to an emotional condition:-

Obesity / Comfort Eating
When you overeat your weight increases and also the physical strain on your body increases. Many overeaters use food as a means of comfort against an emotional/mental issue.

Headaches / Mental stress
When you overwork, you are not giving yourself any time to relax. If you are not relaxing, then you are constantly thinking about what you need to do, this causes a mental overload of activity in your brain.

Colds & Flu / Overextending ourselves
When we become run-down through our busy lifestyles, we literally run our batteries down. When our resistances are low, we are more susceptible to colds and flu.

Less medically accepted examples, yet spiritually accepted examples include:-

Heart Disease / Emotional Shutdown, blocks
When we close off, or are indifferent, when we become work-a-holics, or are selfish in nature, we literally cause heart attack/disease.

Asthma / Communication and Expression
Asthma and breathing complications are irritated by particles in the air. However, when we have difficulty expressing ourselves, communicating we literally allow things to become trapped within us, thus irritating our throat and chests. (Getting something off your chest).

IBS / Restriction and Dependency
Most people KNOW that when they are waiting, or feeling dependent on something, feeling restricted or nervous; they need to frequent the toilet more often. Long bouts of restriction and dependency will lead to more serious uterine issues.


Illness manifests from a blockage of energy.

Imagine your kitchen sink... Imagine the plumbing... First the plug hole, then the pipe, then the U bend, then more pipe, then drain, then more pipe eventually reaching some place owned by the water board.

Ok, now imagine your plug is blocked. Easy scrape up the debris with a spoon and throw it in the bin.

But what happens if you poke and prod the debris through the plug hole - it eventually creates a build up in the U bend.

Blockages in us, occur due to a build up of negative energy, not due to a lack of scraping plates properly.

Stress, is a mental/emotional illness and now recognised as such. If you can agree that stress can make you ill, then you have to then accept that any kind of pressure can make you ill.

Negative energies include:-

Illness through injury or work

Prolonged exposure to dangerous substances has the effect of making us ill. Yet, there are still instances where some people appear to be untouched by extended exposure, or where the effects of the substance are much delayed. The length and duration of health and deterioration is directly linked to ones state of inner balance.

Injury serves us to remind us of things. All injury serves a purpose of learning in some shape or form; for either a doctor, another family member or yourself.

A Healthy Balance

A Healthy balance can be maintained by listening to what YOUR body is telling you. By seeking inner balance, a good diet and good exercise.

Eating well, with no exercise or inner balance isn't enough.

Having plenty of exercise, but eating poorly with no inner balance isn't enough.

Strangely enough though; when you pull yourself into INNER BALANCE, what happens is you start listening to your body and allow yourself to eat what you want to eat, exercise how you want to exercise and it all pulls into some kind of 'flow'. The eating and exercise part becomes effortless; it is as though, if your body needs red fruit, you just feel the pull to go eat red fruit...

Inner Balance comes from removing doubts, fears and all those negative and confused aspects of ourselves. Inner Balance comes from listening to your true self, acting on behalf of your true self and BEING your true self.

Finding the cause

If you would like to seek some understanding as to the cause of your illness, please take a look at the chakra illness guide, which lists an A-Z of illness. and also the Chakra Ache guide, which lists what emotional issues are related to aches and pains around our bodies.

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