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Healing works with energy.

We are made up of energy.

Scientists know that everything comes down to the atom. We are energy living in energy.

The sun gives energy, the wind gives energy, food gives energy...

We know whether we have the energy in us to run a marathon or not. We know if we have physical limitations and we know if we have energetic limitations...
"Oh my, I need a rest!", Implies you are running out of energy.

We fuel our own energy by eating, sleeping, breathing, we gain energy from the elements, the sun warms us, the wind refreshes us.

So, we CAN scientifically agree we are surrounded by and fuelled by energy.

We breathe oxygen (and lord knows what else), every day. We can't see it, but we know its there.

We heal our friends daily...

Lets look now how we give off energy to other people...

We heal our friends daily, by listening, by helping, simply by being there for them.

Whenever we interact with someone our energy levels change.

Take any phone call, you put the phone down and you feel 'uplifted' or 'dragged down' - This is a shift in your energy and its not because you haven't eaten, or slept. It's almost a mental or emotional drain.
If you feel uplifted after the phone call, its because your energy has been boosted, maybe the caller had some good news, or simply made you laugh.
If you feel dragged down after the phone call, maybe its through concern for the caller, or guilt, blame. Maybe you can't even put your finger on it, just a feeling of being drained.

The power of a hug...

Ever seen a mother settle a child with a hug. Ever hugged your partner and just 'felt' if things were right or wrong. It's all picking up on energy. Ever felt secure and safe in the arms of another?

Sensitive people will be more aware of a drop of energy in a room, or in a person. But I think I'm writing this part here more for those people who have little or no understanding of energy transference.

We can heal by giving our support, we give our time and energy to those in need. We help to transform their energy from negative to positive by giving advice, by lending a hand. When you hold someone's hand, you give them energy (You can also receive energy this way). There are positive and negative aspects. Some people enjoy dragging other people down into the depths of despair.. this makes them feel powerful, they take your energy, and you are giving it to them.

Regardless of whether you believe devotedly in God or not, healing energy comes from a greater source - be that from within you, from the heavens, or from the world around us.

Healing works by transferring energy, giving positive energy so that negative energy is removed. Thus removing the blockages, removing the cause, so that your energy may flow as is meant.

So whether we are talking about healing emotional pain, frustration or physical pain and ailments the basic principle is the same. Remove the negative, fill up with positive.

Healing works one on one, it works thousands of miles away.

You may find that praying works. You may find that determination works. This is all healing. It is all healing when dealt with in a positive manner.

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