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Effectively there are two kinds of headache.

1) Primary - those which occur self induced, through emotional issues

2) Secondary - those which are serving as warnings to other aliments.


Tension headache

Not all headaches are caused by tension. These are the kind of headache which is caused by stress, anxiety, tiredness. Usually these headaches are temporary, but on occasion may become chronic - and this is where you need to seek out help and/or visit the doctors surgery. If a tension headache lasts for more than 3 days please see your doctor or physician or healer. (Remember I am not a medical professional, so if in any doubt see your doctor).

A tension headache feels like a vice in your head, it feels like muscle contractions going on in your head.

Look to the cause. You probably know what you've done to bring on this headache.

What is stressing you out? What is making you sad? What is making you angry? If it's a case of tiredness, then go sleep. Are you are anxious about something? are you worried about something? do you feel guilty? do you feel hopeless?

This is by far the simplest example of showing how you FEEL affects your body.

If you eliminate the stress, the worry, the tiredness then you wouldn't have a headache in the first place. Your emotions, Your feelings play a far greater part in your health than you may possibly imagine.

Headaches of course, can also be developed due to other illness. Toothache can bring on headaches (undoubtedly because you are worried about the tooth). Eye strain can bring on headaches (goes without saying, take a break, close your eyes, your eyes are forming the headache because you have continued to keep them open). Repetitive loud noise can create a headache (you need to seek someplace quiet, because your body is showing you that the noise is too much for you spiritually).

One by one, if you fail to recognise what is going on with your body, other symptoms will kick in.. generally starting with headaches, but may start with aches in other areas.

Tension headaches are warnings. So what is your body warning you about?

If the tension is around the brow area.. ask yourself these questions.. Are you having trouble trusting yourself or your intuition? Are you having problems focusing on something (not with sight), are you feeling distracted, unable to concentrate on one thing, or trying to avoid focusing on something?, Are you having trouble seeing the bigger picture, are you being narrow-minded? are you being inconsiderate?

These questions require you to at least be truthful with yourself. To assist your healing, you need to remove the cause of the headaches. So if you can pin point the cause, then we then need to settle down and work on that issue.



Migraines literally put you on hold, for hours and sometimes days. They start as a dull ache and develop into a constant throbbing, sometimes with nausea and sickness. You get a real sensitivity to light and noise. You may experience visual problems, numbness, dizziness  and in some cases temporary motor paralysis. Your senses are tested big time. Your blood vessels become enflamed.

These can also be triggered by stress, tiredness (and even too much sleep), eating irregularly, by eating certain foods such as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol. They can be triggered in women during menstruation.

Why does food trigger a migraine? Simple - you are not supposed to be eating THAT food. Start giving your body what it does need. It may be that your body has more than enough of the vitamins and minerals from which come from this food and simply cant 'take on' anymore. It's a warning to say STOP. It's the same principle as food allergies. You need to listen to your body and give it what it needs and stop giving it what it doesn't want.

Self help, well you wont feel like doing much during a migraine anyhow, so lay in a dark quiet room and rest. Look at your triggers and to help yourself eliminate the issue in the first place. Massage and Acupuncture can also help. The migraines WILL stop if you eliminate the cause.


Cluster headache

Cluster headaches come in 'groups', you would get about 3+ headaches in a day. They are often associated with allergies (which goes back to my point about other conditions causing the headaches to put YOU on alert). They come with no warning, just BAM, there they are.

Again, look at the issues that may be causing them. Notice when they are triggered.


Hormonal headaches

It's not only women who get these. Hormones actually induce your pain response. Hormones regulate how your body turns food into energy. Hormones control your growth and maintenance in your body.

Menstrual migraines are caused by estrogen (The female sex hormone). The levels of estrogen raise and lower during a menstrual cycle. If you take oral contraception, you may find you are experiencing more menstrual headaches than you do without.

Basically, what your body is telling you is that your hormone levels are imbalanced.

I will eventually go into details about how to eliminate PMT altogether. I no longer get PMT/PMS of any kind.. it's liberating and I fully sympathise with those who do suffer from it. Its ghastly, but it is your body informing you of an imbalance which NEEDS to be addressed.

But you'll notice with PMS/PMT that the headaches are usually accompanied by several other symptoms such as acne, back ache, breast pain - along with cravings of salt, chocolate, alcohol... Listen to your body.. If you are craving something, give it to your body.. it's asking for it in almost the same way as a baby cries when it's hungry.


Sinus headaches

This occurs when your sinuses become inflamed. You will note that the best way to treat this headache is to treat the inflammation.


Caused by an abnormality in the brain or skull, tumor, aneursym, meningistis etc.  If your headaches are accompanied by imbalance, confusion, seizures, speech impairment, please see a doctor.

These organic headaches are informing you that there is something even bigger that needs healing within your body.

Rebound Headaches

Overuse of medication can trigger a rebound headache. This is your body telling you 'Oi, watch it!' If you are using over the counter treatment more than twice a week, you may be at risk of a rebound headache. Listen to your body, don't give it what it doesn't need.



On a health level, ensure you eat regular meals and get enough (not too much) sleep. Ensure you are drinking enough water/fluids. Avoid any trigger foods, avoid excessive over-indulgence of food or drink.

On an emotional level, try to avoid stress, try to manage your emotional responses, try not to worry! Ok - so all that is easier said than done. I know, I've been there too.

On an emotional level, in regards to sadness, depression and hopelessness. I would suggest to start focusing on the things you are able to feel grateful for. Please click here to read more on APPRECIATION

On the mental level, I would say DECIDE. Stress and Worry can be eliminated with a few decisions. Please click here to read more on DECIDING.

In regards to ANGER and FEAR, I would suggest releasing blame and letting go. Please click here to read more on LETTING GO

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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