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Crystal Healing


What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is believed to have originated in Egypt, several thousand years ago. Where gems were used for medical purposes.
Crystal healing can also be found in traditional Chinese and Indian healing methods.

Crystals amplify energies, that can be used to assist natural healers to enhance their healing energy.

Different crystals have different amplification properties that can be used to direct healing energies (It is a little like reflection and refraction occurs through some substances).

How does Crystal Healing work?

Crystals help to refine the healing energy received. They also help to stimulate the associated healing energies. In this way, specific crystals can be used for specific complaints.

Using Crystals

Carrying a crystal can assist your own self-healing capability.
Because crystals absorb energy, as well as reflect energy, it is important to cleanse your crystals, either in water or sunlight.
Crystals can also be programmed for specific use.

Consulting professionals

If you are unsure as to what crystals to use, or would like to learn more about crystal healing. You may be able to find a Healer, whom uses crystals in your locality. Alternatively, your local crystal shop may be able to assist you.

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