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Constipation is related to the Base Chakra.

Emotionally brought on by feelings of holding back, being held back and not knowing how to move forwards.

Sometimes we hold back on our emotions. We refuse to grieve, we refuse to show how we feel, we choose not to deal with how we feel.

This blocks us up inside, and manifests physically with constipation. As one becomes more and more constipated over the days, one becomes more and more sluggish. Without a release of those things which are no longer needed we slow down and experience discomfort.

Constipation can be not passing as you would normally, going several days without 'going', in it's milder forms it is harder to 'go'. In it's worst form, it becomes chronic and your stool dries up within you, making it harder to 'release'.

Along with taking care of our emotional needs, it is important that we assist physically. The Base Chakra is related to how we care for ourselves, thus it is also a good idea to ensure a good balance of nutritious food, drinking plenty of water will help. Ensuring that you have some form of short exercise each day (even if that is just taking the stairs, walking to work etc).

Allowing yourself to move forwards

Along with self-healing aspects of working with the base chakra, to ensure the removal of the blockage. You would do well to work through the issue of holding back.

If you are having trouble expressing your emotions, or have held back on expressing them; do look at why. Is it because it seems to hard to face, or that you simply are unsure as to how you truly feel.

When things are difficult to face, do know that you will feel a release within your spirit when you are no longer hiding how you feel. You will feel freedom and liberation.

If you are unsure how you feel, or unsure how to move forwards; and maybe feeling pressured to make up your mind. Do give yourself time. Some quiet time alone with your thoughts, to relax, think of nothing, and then when you are in a centred space, sit and 'feel', think of the situation and note how you feel. It is helpful to do this with a notebook beside you, so that you can jot one or two words of feeling as you sit in quiet.

If you feel someone else is holding you back, then you have to try to find a way to overcome the obstacle they have placed on your path.

There is always a way forward.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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