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Minor childhood illnesses, coughs, colds, sickness etc, works in a similar way as adults.

Most people see coughs, colds, chicken pox etc as a normal passage through childhood. It's true epidemics wipe through schools on a regular basis. However some children are exposed to these viruses and don't catch them at all..

Young children, even babies suffer from frustration, anger, sadness/upset. With the pressure at school too they also feel an amount of anxiety, worry, jealousy etc.

They are learning. Babies can not tell us what they feel, Young Children don't understand how to express how they feel... And how many teenagers/ young adults proclaim 'You just don't understand!'

We have to teach our children to not only talk, but to express themselves, to speak truthfully about how they feel. We don't have to give them lectures and tell them what to do, but if we can teach them to understand why they feel afraid, jealous etc that they can start to understand themselves a little better.

The problem is, if you as the parent say 'Is something bothering you?' the child will say 'NO' because they just don't realise they are worried, they just have a 'weird' feeling that they have no idea how to express. As a parent it's our job to listen to what they are saying, and to help them find their balance.

Be more than a parent tending for the physical needs, don't forget that a child has emotional needs - and we're not just talking about a hug.

A child needs to be able to express their emotions and saying 'Not now' or 'Be quiet' isn't helping them to do so.
It's better to say 'Can you give me a minute and we'll sit down when I'm done' (and be sure you do). Or to explain 'Look, I need some quiet whilst I do this - but give me half an hour and you can make as much noise as you want!

We restrict our children SO much that it's hard for them to truly express themselves. Let them!

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