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Whenever it is stated to anyone "We make ourselves sick" Most people can agree with the basics. Yet, then they ALWAYS come out and say 'What about Cancer', Once this has been explained, the next question is 'What about my friends little girl, she's only 3 and in hospital'

Whatever the age of the child, to have a serious illness raises a lot of compassion in most people.

Our children shouldn't suffer should they. We spend our entire lives (well most of us do), making sure that our children know right from wrong, teaching them how to behave, tending for them, caring for them. We take such good care of our children that to see them fall seriously ill causes a HUGE amount of heartache.

We blame ourselves. We think it's our fault. We suffer watching our children suffer. There's lessons to be learnt from this. Lessons to be learnt from it all.
It's amazing how so many of these children are so strong in character, that they then tell us not to worry, they take the medication and operations in their stride, they rarely suffer as emotionally as us parents do. In some ways, it's like they are being the supportive ones, the ones saying 'don't worry mum' and 'its ok dad' - The older the child, I think the less this is true. The older we get, the more we feel it emotionally.

If you believe in reincarnation, the theory goes that this is karma from another life, brought forward into this one.

Others believe that if the illness results in a short life span, that it was simply that the child had one thing left to do, did it and then returns to the heavens.

Some people believe that it's not about the child, that its about all the other people 'involved'. That it brings families together, or tears them apart - that it teaches parents and other family members strength, compassion, that everything isn't about THEM.

In regards to minor childhood illnesses, coughs, colds, sickness etc, that it works on a similar way as adults.

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