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Solar Plexus Chakra

Name: Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is related to your self worth.

When it is in balance we feel good about who we are. We have an optimistic attitude towards life.

An imbalance will first resonate as a tingle, ache or sensitivity in the solar plexus region. (Stemming from above the navel to your ribs).

Aches and Pains

Even small tingles and aches can be a sign that something needs to be addressed. As soon as the emotional issue has been resolved, the ache WILL clear up or simply completely vanish.

Can manifest quickly as a 'butterflies' sensation, a feeling as though something is moving inside you. Back ache, pains at the front of our body and sensitivity.

Physical/ Medical issues

If the issue is left unattended to, may lead on to more serious issues such as.

Diabetes, pancreatitis, liver disease, peptic ulcer, Coeliac's disease, gall stones. Stomach problems. Food Allergies.

Emotional Issues

When in balance the solar plexus chakra offers us; Optimism and a healthy ego. We are able to feel our emotions. We feel joyful, happy and enthusastic.

Imbalances are caused by low self worth, Worry about ourselves or how other people view us.  Fears play an important part in causing imbalances in the Solar Plexus region. Worry about the future. Lack of courage. You may feel tendancies towards violence or vandalism, may losing your temper quickly. You may be overwhelmed by despair and negativity.

It only takes one of these emotional conditions to form an imbalance, the intensity of which will be in direct relation. As you become more aware of yourself and the link between your emotional and physical aspects of you, your body responds more quickly to even the slightest emotional imbalance.

Relative Questions

If you an imbalance in your solar plexus chakra. Look at the following questions honestly to help seek balance.
It is useful to answer all the questions initially with YES / NO / MAYBE and then go back and work through all the YES answers and the MAYBE answers.

Those you answer YES to; you can try to find a way to resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved, your ache or illness WILL subside.

Are you worried about the actions of someone else?

Are you worried what someone thinks about you?

Are you confused about yourself?

Do you feel inferior?

Are you over analysing something?

Are you hiding your true feelings behind excessive sarcasm?

Are you being notably pessimistic?

Are you worried about the future or in despair over something?

Are you lacking in courage?

Are you facing something which you are afraid of?

Are you feeling overly emotional?


Individual rebalancing will depend entirely on the specific issue. But it is especially good to write things down. If you have answered the relative questions above; you will likely have an idea as to what needs resolving.

Please note that an imbalance is not only caused by a weakened chakra. The aim is to have all chakras in complete balance with each other. If six are weak and one is strong it could mean you are OVER confident, OVER trusting, OVER creative etc.. thus re-balancing must either involve increasing the size of all the other chakras or reducing the influence of the strong chakra.

The following articles may be useful reading in accordance with solar plexus chakra issues

Colour Therapy

Yellow is the colour associated to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Crystal Therapy.

Crystals which can be used in association with the Solar Plexus Chakra are;

  • Tigers Eye
  • Citrine
  • Topaz


Oils and Incense which can be used, associated with the throat chakra are

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Ginger


Pasta, Bread, Cereal Foods, Milk, Yogurt, Ginger and Mint can help you to cleanse, clear and open up your solar plexus chakra.


Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
Please read Terms and Conditions of Use

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