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Please do seek medical assistance if you feel it is right for you.
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Crown Chakra

Name: Crown Chakra
Violet (also white and gold may be used).
Top of the head

The crown chakra is mainly associated with, communication to our spiritual nature. It is about our integration as a whole, all aspects of our life and our sense of living in the now.

The crown chakra holds the issues and revelations surrounding duality, controlling or obsessive patterns.

Aches and Pains

The crown chakra governs the area of the head above the ears and in particular the top of the head.

An imbalance will first resonate as a tingle, ache or sensitivity in the regions governed by the crown  chakra. Even small tingles and aches can be a sign that something needs to be addressed.
As soon as the emotional issue has been resolved, the ache WILL clear up or simply completely vanish. The relative strength of the ache, tingle or pain can be used as a guide to the size of the issue.

Can manifest quickly as a 'butterflies' sensation, a feeling as though something is moving inside you. There may be intense or dull pressure, headache or migraine starting or extending to the crown of your head.

A tingle may serve as a warning that you may be repeating an unhealthy pattern. Severe migraine at the crown may be telling you that you have issues surrounding living for the moment.
Personal analysis with honest and clear communication with yourself is very important.

*If you are experiencing severe migraine or head pain that lasts for more than a few days PLEASE do visit your health care practitioner. Listen to your body and emotional responses, but if you have any concerns seek professional assistance at your medical centre.

Physical/ Medical issues

If the emotional issue is left unattended to, it may lead on to more serious issues such as Depression, Parkinson's disease, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Senile dementia, Alzheimer's , many mental disorders, confusion, dizziness, and even just feeling as if one has a muzzy head.
Muscular diseases and sensitivity to light and sound are also associated with the crown chakra.

Emotional Issues

An imbalance in the crown chakra may be brought on by by issues involving a lack of reality (a strong desire for an outcome which is not yet happening) issues surrounding a personal loss of purpose or meaning in ones life, feeling like you are having an identity crisis, feeling superior, having little or no concern for others, having a real lack of acceptance, being judgemental, having a lack of purpose.

When in balance we are trusting, feeling fulfilled, truthful and have a general feeling of Peace & Oneness.

It only takes one of these emotional conditions to form an imbalance, the intensity of which will be in direct relation. As you become more aware of yourself and the link between your emotional and physical aspects of you, your body responds more quickly to even the slightest emotional imbalance.

Relative Questions

If you an imbalance in your crown chakra. Look at the following questions honestly to help seek balance.
It is useful to answer all the questions initially with YES / NO / MAYBE and then go back and work through all the YES answers and the MAYBE answers.

Those you answer YES to; you can try to find a way to resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved, your ache or illness WILL subside.

Are you having trouble accepting something?
Are you acting/have you been acting selfishly?
Are you/have you been feeling superior?
Are your judgements based on facts?
Are you hoping for a different outcome to something?
Are you feeling alienated?
Are you feeling let down with 'life' / unsatisfied?
Are you having trouble knowing what to do with yourself?
Do you feel a lack of enthusiasm to live your life?


Individual rebalancing will depend entirely on the specific issue. But it is especially good to write things down.

Please note that an imbalance is not only caused by a weakened chakra. The aim is to have all chakras in complete balance with each other. If six are weak and one is strong it could mean you are OVER accepting, OVER trusting, OVER creative etc.. thus re-balancing must either involve increasing the size of all the other chakras or reducing the influence of the strong chakra.


Affirmations work best when you can truly believe them. This isn't always a natural process. It can be very difficult to be positive when you feel down and are in pain.
Do try starting with simple affirmations if you feel uncomfortable with more complex ones. A good way to use affirmations is first thing in the morning, when you wake up -  is to state your affirmation and actually imagine it. Then let it go, and carry on with your day.
The other way to use them is to repeat them to yourself, or in your head when you do find yourself getting overwhelmed.

Sample Crown Chakra Affirmations

Om / Aum
I am divine.
I accept all that comes into my day with trust and selflessness.
I am selfless.
I honour all others.
Life will bring me many wonders today.
Today will bring me a new enthusiasm.


Fasting or Detoxing can help you to cleanse, clear and open up your crown chakra.
As part of our statutory warnings, please, if you have any major medical conditions or are taking any medication, please consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of fasting or detoxing.
Choosing to go a few days or weeks without certain foods may be a good way to detox, rather than fasting.
Giving up meat or red meat for a week, going without alcohol for a few weeks, giving up chocolate for a few days (can't say weeks for chocolate!). Detoxing doesn't have to be a difficult process, if it is, then stop.

Detox because you feel ready to do so. Not because you think it's an instant path to a balanced crown chakra! It won't be, as to do something only to gain means you will be acting in an unspiritual manner.

Crystal Therapy.

Crystals which can be used in association with the Crown Chakra are;

  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Clear quartz
  • Pearl


Incense such as Sage, Frankincense, Myrrh & Juniper can aid in clearing, cleansing and opening up your crown chakra.

Additional Reading

The following articles may be useful reading in accordance with crown chakra issues



Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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