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It's not always easy to fully take on board the effect our emotions have on our physical body. However; if we start small, we can see the direct relationship between minor issues and our emotions.

For example:-

Stress: When you are feeling stressed; your shoulders ache. Once the stress has been lifted, it literally DOES feel like the pressure is off.

Urine/Bowel Movements: Aside from the regular; When you are feeling nervous you tend to make more 'toilet trips'.

Lump in your throat: When you are feeling emotional and having trouble expressing yourself, you feel a lump in your throat / feel choked up.

When we store up our emotions without expression; we store up tension in our bodies. The flow of energy throughout our bodies is in imbalance. Please read Chakra Physical Effects, for information on how our chakras work with our bodies.

Our bodies tell us so much about our emotional state of mind.

Please take a look at the Chakra Aches Index if you are having any physical pain, ache, tingle or distress and see for yourself IF it is corresponding to an issue in your life. Alternatively; if you wish to look up your ailment, please view the
Chakra Illness Index.for an A-Z of complaints.

The Chakra 'Quick View' Chart offers a quick over-view and reference for the 7 main chakras. You can view individual details by clicking on the specific chakra below.

When working with our chakras, it is useful to not only use meditation and visualisation techniques, but as appropriate to use incense and crystals. We have put together an A-Z of Chakra Crystals and also an A-Z of Chakra Aromatherapy.

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