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Chakra Aches and Pains

Aside from aches in the regions of the main 7 chakras, it's apparent that aches and pains in other regions, associated to minor chakras or main chakras have their messages too.

The 7 main areas are

IF you are suffering in any of the regions above, please view the relevant chakra information, which has information and advice on helping to clear and re-balance your chakras, and thus heal your illness or complaint.

To relate correctly, you should be aware of your body as a whole, you may find your back aches along with pain in your knee. The locations are important, as is soul searching and admitting your issues (even if you don't really want to).

Honesty IS the best policy, even if it's only admitting things to yourself.

If you ache/pain is originating in other parts of your body, please view the list below for further information.

Aches or pains in the following regions:-


Pain in the ankles, aside from physical injury can represent suppressed rage  or anger, and/or selfishness. It may just be a fleeting sharp pain, which represents something which may have recently come to mind or something which is in the back of you mind, or may be something which you haven't fully addressed. (see also Sacral Chakra).


The arms are related to the heart chakra, please see Heart Chakra details.


The location of the backache needs to be pinpointed to find the related issue. Please see the BACKACHE pages for assistance.


Each of your fingers is related to your main chakras. In general though cold fingers and toes relate to the base chakra.


Problems with Authority, being challenged by something or someone. Having to conform to other people. Feeling inferior. Pulling away from others or a situation. Needs, needing something from something (that's need not want). Lack of something. Being focused on what you don't have. Feeling your needs are not being met. (see also Base Chakra and security issues).


There are two kinds of headaches - primary and secondary, and many variations of the later, please view the headache pages for further details


Pains in the hands are related to giving and receiving. If you are right handed, your primary giving hand is most likely to be your right and your left handing will be your receiving hand. If you are left handed, your left hand will be the giver and right will be the receiver.


The hips are related to the Sacral Chakra & Base Chakra.


Aching legs, and aching feet are related to Base Chakra


Neck ache is connected to the Throat Chakra. It could quite literally be translated as 'Someone is annoying you (hence being a pain in the neck), and you can't bring yourself to tell them', or you feel someone is preventing or swamping your creativity and personal expression. (Being told what to do).


Responsibility. Taking on too much, feeling stressed or burdened. Having to get something done, but not knowing for sure that you can. Most of us already know the feeling of tense shoulders when we feel UNDER pressure. We are used to the saying 'That's a weight off my shoulders' when someone else offers to do something for us.

Shoulder Blade

Connected to the Heart Chakra. Problems causing pain will be indifference, jealousy, lack of harmony, feeling bitter, anger, commitment issues, It suggests having to go against your WILL, feeling something hostile, feeling cautious, lacking in will power, cant pull your heart into doing what needs to be done, feeling hopeless, burdened. (see also Heart Chakra)


Throat pains and aches are directly related to the Throat Chakra. Which is related to your Self Expression. Are you being unfaithful? Are you having trouble expressing yourself? Are you keeping things to yourself? Lack of communication - is there something you need to say, or feel unable to say. Lack of willpower. Problems being truthful - is there something which you are not admitting to yourself or someone else? Can you see the truth but are failing to admit it, or accept it?

Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
Please read Terms and Conditions of Use

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