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Please do seek medical assistance if you feel it is right for you.
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Whenever it is stated to anyone "We make ourselves sick" Most people can agree with the basics. Yet, then they ALWAYS come out and say 'What about Cancer, you telling me that my mate brought the cancer on themselves?'

Unfortunately, yes. It has either manifested as a result of a blockage of energy in oneself, or has been carried over from a previous existence (as in karmic energy). It may also have been a soul agreement. As in to assist others on their journey, to help others learn.

Cancer comes in many forms and attacks different places. I think the easiest way to look at it, is it's like 'mold and mildew'. If a room is constantly damp the foreign bodies of mould or mildew appear from seemingly no-where - and then appear anywhere...
A damp room is not a healthy room. A room which is not healthy is then attacked by this annoying stuff which if not treated can actually cause a lot of damage. If left too long, it can have devastating structural effect.

In the same way, when we are not healthy - cancer appears from seemingly no-where. Sometimes it can be treated, removed or kept under control. But we so often also hear the words 'It's spread, it's gone to far'.

We also hear a lot of stories where people who have changed their outlook on life, became more positive, eaten different foods have combated cancer. Completely.

See, when you rid yourself of the negative (or the 'damp') and you'll find your health improves.

Cancer will start where there is the biggest blockage of energy.

Healing Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, please do take all the medical assistance you can. If you would like to compliment the medical assistance with alternative therapies and your own self healing, then read on.


There are lots of resources now, which you can search for on the internet as to dietary changes to help fight cancer.

Green Tea, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Garlic, Grapefruits, Raspberries to name but a few. Whilst there is not a 'single' element within these antioxidant rich foods which fights cancer by itself, It is being acknowledged that eating a good combination can reduce and fight off cancer.


Goes without saying on this site, you need to up your positive attitude.

The next thing however is to have a good long think to see if you can identify any causes of emotional disturbance in your life, which still bothers you - maybe not on a 'daily' basis, but something which certainly can 'bring you down' if you dwell on it for any length of time. It may stem right back to your childhood, it may be a few years old. The severity of the cancer may give you a clue, however I can't confirm this assumption.

If you can relate the location of the cancer to a chakra, please read the relative 'emotional issues detailed on the chakra pages as a starting point. A few to start have been listed below.

We have to make peace with the emotional causes and find acceptance and balance.

Please do also take a look at the healing emotions section of the site as well.


  • Peppermint                
  • Ginger                
  • Cardamom oil

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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