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Breathing in a controlled manner can help relax us.

Using breathing exercises can help ease anxiety, fear, pain, stress and many other related tense situations.

The way we breathe determines our balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies. It is carbon dioxide which acts as a tranquilliser. When we breath too fast or too deep our levels of carbon dioxide lower. When we breathe OUT slowly this conserves the carbon dioxide. Therefore by breathing OUT slower, we feel a sedative type sensation, which helps to calm us down.

If you need to gain energy, or feel more alert you could try taking longer IN breaths. However, if you have too much oxygen in your system, this makes us feel agitated and anxious.

The following exercises are to help calm and relax us.

In through your nose

Breathing IN through your nose and OUT through you mouth. Using long deep breaths is a fast, quick and discreet way of calming yourself, finding balance and courage. Try to make the out breath longer than your IN breath.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a process of taking very deep breaths and then fully relaxing your body on the 'out' breath. You needn't follow the in through your nose and out through your mouth technique. You can do either through you nose or mouth, But do ensure that you are fully relaxing your body and your mind on the out breath.


Teaching breathing techniques to your children can have a real effect on how they start dealing with stressful situations. Whilst it is nice to believe that our children do NOT feel anything other than shear joy in life; we know it is not so.

Children have a lot of energy and have real difficulty in sitting still for very long. But if we can teach them how to use the way that they breathe to help them stay calm it can have a long and lasting effect on their lives.

It can help when they are angry at another child or at you, it can help when they simply are having a tantrum, it can help when they have hurt themselves.

Do it with them, allow them to copy you and it becomes a calming process for you both (especially if you are at the end of your tether).

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