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Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is the work of Australian osteopath Tom Bowen.

A simple technique that helps relieve various types of pain, unlike massage or chiropractic methods, there is no manipulation or force used. A practitioner uses their thumbs and fingers to gently move muscle and tissue.

The treatment is a very gentle procedure.

The Bowen Technique helps to stimulate lymphatic circulation.

Sessions with a qualified practitioner last between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. No oils are used and most of the work can be done through loose clothing. At times during the session, the practitioner will leave the room, during this time your body has time to adjust. Many people experience relief after just one session, and typically less than 5 sessions are required for lasting relief.


Selected Bowen Technique Practitioners in the United Kingdom

Bowen Technique Martina Hinds Bowen Houghton le Spring, Tyne & Wear
Bowen Technique Relax and Revitalise Farnham, Surrey
Bowen Technique Totally Holistic Health Stockport

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