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You will feel pressure on your shoulders when you are feeling guilt/responsibility.

Back Ache however, can manifest via a variety of sources.

For the most part, it's easy to blame your back ache on 'standing up too long' or 'sitting too long' or on an uncomfortable chair.
However, it's still a warning that we need to take care of ourselves. Physical injury aside, We are going to look at the emotional and spiritual CAUSES behind back ache. Many women feel lower back ache accompanying menstruation. Along with headaches and other minor 'side-effects' It's simply a warning. A pressure.

Locate the source of back ache and relate it to one of the body's chakras. Chakras are the energy points within you.

Locate the part of your back where you feel the pain and refer to a good chakra guide.

Sacral Chakra. This relates to self respect. Do you give yourself the freedom to be yourself? Do you have your own boundaries or are you tied to someone else's boundaries resentfully? Can you respect your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. If you back ache is originating here, are you having issues which involve give or take' Are you feeling withdrawn? Are you feeling destructive? Are you feeling despondent? Are you dependent on someone else? Are you relying on someone for something and afraid you may not get it? Are you waiting on a response from someone else? Are you feeling obliged to do something for someone else, but you're having a hard time actually doing it? Are you feeling obliged?

Solar Plexus Chakra. This relates to self worth. How you feel about yourself and how we feel other peoples views of us. Are you worried about the actions of someone else? Are you worried what someone thinks about you? Are you confused about yourself? Do you feel inferior? Are you over analysing something? Are you hiding your true feelings behind excessive sarcasm, are you being notably pessimistic?

heart Chakra. This relates to love / self love. Are you having issues in regards to being unconditional? Are you feeling hurt emotionally? Are you having destructive thoughts about yourself or someone else? Are you facing issues accepting someone or yourself as you are? Are you being indifferent, are you feeling jealous? Are you feeling bitter about something? Are you lacking in generosity? Are you feeling mistrustful or have trust issues?

base chakra - lower back issues, and is linked with depression, personal safety and security issues. Are you feeling unsafe or insecure? Are you afraid of something? Are you feeling aggressive? Are you full of self pity?

If your back ache DOES echo what you are feeling, then you have your answer. This chart and symptoms not only relates to your back, but also along the front of your body. If you are feeling pressure or pain in any of these places, on your chest/stomach/abdomen then look at the related issues.

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