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Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine which uses essential oils, and similar aromatic compounds from plants, for the purpose of improving a person's mood, cognitive function or health.

Aromatherapy - Emotional & Mental benefits.

The following is a list of aromas and their qualities from a mental/emotional perspective. Please also see our A-Z of aromas and their associated chakras and our reference of emotions and their associated aroma.

Basil Clear confusion, Calming to nervous system, Lower anxiety, Clear mild depression, Strengthen focus, Level PMS mood swings, Lessen stress
Bergamot  Encouraging, Anti-Depressant, Balances, Lighten fatigue
Strengthen focus, Lessen stress, Dispel amnesia, Dissipate lethargy, Dispel hysteria
Birch Stimulant, Energize
Black pepper Clear confusion, Calming to nervous system, Lower anxiety, Clear mild depression, Strengthen focus, Level PMS mood swings, Lessen stress
Carnation Stimulates, Strengthens, Protection, Blessing 
Cedarwood Calming, Comforting, Strengthening
Cinnamon Stimulates creativity, Anti-depressant. Protection, Love, Power, Lighten exhaustion, Calming to nervous system, Lower anxiety , Lessen stress
Chamomile Lessen stress, Dispel nervousness, Clear tension, Lessen insomnia, Dispel fear, Dissipate anger, Lower anxiety
Citronella Optimism , Purification
Clary Sage Lighten fatigue, Strengthen focus, Lessen stress, Dispel amnesia, Dissipate lethargy, Dispel hysteria
Clove Aphrodisiac, Mental stimulant, Sleep-inducing, Relaxing, Stimulates dreams, Brings courage
Coconut Inner Peace,Love, Courage, Protection
Cypress  Mental Powers, PMS, Lessen stress, Dispel irritability, Dispel restlessness, Dissipate anger, Dispel nervous tension, Invigorating, Lower anxiety
Eucalyptus  Stimulant, Mental Focus, Deepen concentration, Strengthen focus, Increase alertness, Stay awake, Clears the mind
Frankincense  Promotes receptivity and Spiritually, Aids meditation, Purifies, Uplifts, Strengthens, Dignifies, Deepen meditation, Helpful during labor, Lessen stress, Dispel gloomy thoughts, Clear obsessions, Dispel fear, Dissipate obsessive thinking, Dispel nervous tension, Lower anxiety, Post-partum depression, Ease nightmares
Freesia  Opening & Stimulating of the Heart Chakra 
Gardenia Spirituality, Stimulates Heart Chakra, Love, Peace 
Geranium  Calming, Balancing, Anti-Depressant, PMS, Love, Fertility, Protection
Ginger  Strengthens, Warms the spirit
Grapefruit  Anti-Depressant, Energizing, Strengthens Spirit, Raises Self Esteem
Honeysuckle Relaxing, Soothing, Uplifting, Psychic Powers
Jasmine Spiritual Love, Raises Vibrations
Lavender  Calming, Balancing, Strengthening, Stimulating, Healing, PMS , Love, Inner Peace, Purification, Protection
Lemon  Clarity, Calming, Mental Powers
Lemon Grass Invigorating, Refreshing, Relaxing, Calming
Lilac Mind clearing,  Memory & Concentration
Lime Stimulates, Strengthens, Friendship, Strength
Magnolia Purity, Clear thinking, Power, Love, Fidelity, Fertility, Prosperity
Mandarin  Calming, Relaxing
Mimosa  Soothes worries, Lifts Spirits
Musk  Strengthens focus, Aphrodisiac, Attraction
Myrrh  Spirituality, Balances, Stimulates Crown Chakra, Clear confusion
Help with extreme emotional states, Lessen hysteria, Lower fear, Helps with panic, Lighten emotional coldness, Lessen apathy
Orange Relaxing, Balancing, Stimulating, Sensual
Patchouli  Aphrodisiac , Prosperity,  Passion, Dispel nervous tension, Lighten stress, Clear confusion, Level mood swings, Lower anxiety, Dissipate anger
Peppermint Mental Clarity, Purification, Healing
Pine Strengthening
Rose Strengthen Heart Chakra & Spirit, Love
Rose Geranium Removes sadness & fear
Rosemary Uplifting, Courage, Mental Stimulant, Strength
Sage Cleanses, Balances, Strengthens, Wisdom, Protection, Purification 
Sandalwood  Spirituality, Harmonizing, Calming to nervous system
Lower anxiety, Clear mild depression, Strengthen focus , Level PMS mood swings, Lessen stress
Sweet Pea Loyalty, Devotion, Love, Friendship, Courage, Strength
Tangerine Eases tension, soothes 
Tea Tree Post-shock , General debility, Nervous exhaustion
Thyme Clear confusion, Calming to nervous system, Lower anxiety, Lessen Stress
Vanilla Calms, Relaxes
Verbena, Lemon Calms, Improves concentration
Vetivert  Grounding, Regenerative, Strengthening, Luck
Violet  Stimulates Throat Chakra, Healing, Luck, Protection, Passion, Wishes, Reuniting
Wisteria Calls aid from higher spiritual forces, Protection
Ylang-Ylang  Balancing, Strengthens Spirit, Aphrodisiac, Magnetic, Love, Peace, Calming, Tension Relieving, Lessen insomnia, Lessen stress, Help impotence, Lighten nervous tension, Dispel anger, Dissipate Frustration, Dispel nervous tension, Lower anxiety

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