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Please do seek medical assistance if you feel it is right for you.
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Acupuncture can promote good health and alleviate pain. It has been used for several thousand years as a method of healing.

An Acupuncturist influences health by stimulating meridians with fine needles.

The thought of having needles inserted into you, may sound painful, but it is far less painful than a leg wax!
If you really don't like the thought of needles, you could try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as tapping.

With acupuncture, sensations include a slight tingling or numbness and occasionally pulsations. All these sensations subside once the needles are removed. The needles are very fine, they do not draw blood.

Always use a qualified acupuncture practitioner.

Selected Acupuncture Practitioners in the United Kingdom

Acupuncture Louise Webster MBAcC Wirral, Cheshire
Acupuncture Mandarin Clinic Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire
Acupuncture The Point of Acupuncture Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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