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Does suspicion breed insecurity or hope?

In most cases it brings insecurity. As we feel uneasy when we are suspicious of things.
In others it brings hope, yet it is easy to then create expectations which can then be dashed.

When you suspect things/something, it means you have no facts to base things on.

Suspicion has that element of doubt, which needs to be unveiled before we can find peace. So we then find ways of seeking out the truth. We don't always look to the easiest ways of doing this; instead we turn to digging, spying, checking up, trying to catch the suspects out. We start to manipulate situations to get the answers we want, or even to prevent what we suspect is going to happen, from happening.

Suspicion or Intuition

Suspicion arises when we feel or think that something is not as we have been told. Or that something is not as we are being shown.

Most of the time, our suspicions are raised when we are aware that actions are not tallying with what we are told. We sometimes call this intuition. That nagging voice within us which is telling us something isn't quite right.

We should always trust our intuition over what we are being told. Not always because what YOU suspect is true IS true, but often too it is a sign that we want things to be different somehow; but are ignoring it.

Adding confusion

Does suspicion bring more confusion to an already instable base?
Yes. For the very fact you suspect someone has done something, means that you don't trust them as you once would.

If you already have an instable base, suspicion rocks these foundations even further. Suspicion causes more confusion as we start to look for things which are not there. This can cause anxiety, depression, low self worth, ignorance/tunnel vision and can make you feel irritable and frustrated.

When you are stable, yet you do not believe what you are told... it causes that stability to 'wobble', regardless of whether or not it is the truth, if you have no trust in what you see... there is no point in whatever is said or done... without trust, there is instability.

If you are unstable, and do not believe what you are told... it takes away even the fragile base on which you are stood. There is no trust.

Questions or Answers

Does it bring rise to answers, or more questions?

More questions. Because you still don't have facts. Every new piece of evidence just makes you have even more suspicion. Even when someone is lying to you, you start to question WHY they are lying to you.

Does it matter WHAT you are told if you already have an answer in your mind, so that if you are told the truth.. you spend your time trying to prove it is a lie?

Sometimes we suspect people of doing things because we ourselves have insecurities and doubts within established situations. If we have pre-conceived ideas that our best friend was being two faced, you then start poking around trying to uncover the truth, to the detriment of your friendship.


If it turns out the person you have placed in the 'suspect' rule turns out to be totally innocent, you still harbour negative thoughts towards them. These negative thoughts have arisen in you because YOU are not completely happy in the situation which you are in.

You should look at WHY you felt reason to 'suspect'; what is it that you are not happy with; do you have a negative view of yourself? do you not feel worthy? are you dependent?, are you afraid of something?

If yes, to any of those; your negative aspects of yourself are interfering with your personal relationships.

If you place someone innocent under suspicion, it puts them in a difficult position. That nothing they can say or do will help you to feel any better. Putting pressure on someone and slamming down evidence or argument and manipulating situations can be tiresome for ALL involved. So, do try to approach things in a calm gentle manner, use your integrity and also; if things are heating up. Do not be afraid to walk away until things can be re-approached in a calmer manner.

Removing Suspicion

If the issue is NOT coming from you (as in your suspicions are not based on personal inadequacies, limitations and fear), then there are a few things you can do to help remove suspicion and find the truth.

Ask outright.
Don't be afraid to ask outright, to those concerned. Do so; without blame. So instead of saying 'Oi, are you doing this? Huh Huh Huh?' Try a more gentle approach, for example 'I was wondering if you ____________ because ________ and I'm feeling unsettled because of ____________.

Be aware.
Actions speak louder than words; so if someone says something and does something completely different, you should then go back and ask them why.

Getting/Not Getting the truth.
If you are given an answer and still feel unsettled and suspicious, it may be that the other person involved is either protecting themselves or you. It is important to then say 'If you are trying to protect me, please don't as I DO feel suspicious and I feel the truth is better than feeling like this'.
You may not really WANT to hear the truth, but knowing the truth will prevent prolonged agony for you and other people involved.

On the flip side; if they are telling the truth; you need to look at your personal relationship with them. You do not trust them, when they are worthy of trust.


If someone is lying to you, then you must understand they do so, to try to protect you - or themselves. Regardless, someone who lies, needs help of some kind, to find balance and acceptance in the area which they lie about, a thief for example requires what they stole, to lie to another person, means there is an issue within the liar which needs reconciliation. To lie to yourself, means you are denying yourself YOUR truth.

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