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If we always do our very best, we can not blame ourselves if we do not reach our goal.

Combat stress by not taking on too much.  We feel stressed when we feel pressured to move on to the next 'thing', or by having too much to do in a limited timespan.

Combat stress by giving 100% to whatever you are doing, and not looking to the next thing on the list until you've finished the first.

Combat stress by dropping the worry, dropping the anxiety and dropping the fears.

Ok, that's all easy in theory; but we all get stressed out from time to time. Occasionally just for short bursts, but at it's worst it can be an ongoing burden which pulls us down into a breakdown and can make us seriously ill.

Life goes on.

You can choose to stress if you want to, or you can make the decision to take one step at a time.

Try to take one step at a time, try to remove the pressure. Tell yourself you WILL complete everything and simply break it off into small pieces.

We put pressure on ourselves, we allow other people to put pressure on us. If you don't want to feel stressed - then choose not to accept pressure!

It is important to take time for yourself. So if you are planning a schedule, you must also schedule in time to STOP!

  • Stop and eat without eating on the go.
  • Stop and take a relaxing bath, not a quick shower.
  • Stop and play a quick game, we all have the standard PC card games.
  • Stop and read a few pages of a book, watch a 30 minute TV Show.

Before you say 'I cant stop' You have to realise that when you take time to stop, you rejuvenate. When you are rejuvenated you can then re-approach your tasks with fresh energy.


If you are really having problems reaching a deadline, don't be afraid to ask for an extension. With truth and honesty you may find that the deadline can be extended.

If you have promised delivery on a certain date, then if you are honest (and not say the dog ate it or the plumbing went), then you may find the recipient may understand and extend your dates. Which in turn gives you more time. It's not shameful to say it's more than you can handle. It's honest.

If the deadline is an event, which can not be changed or rescheduled. Is there anyone you can ask to help you. Even if they can't help you with the actual work involved, they may be able to offer you support by ensuring you have a friendly 30 minute relaxing phone call.

If you can not change the deadline, or meet the deadline. Sometimes we simply have to admit 'defeat'. The important thing to remember is that you did your best.

Decide that you can achieve what you need to achieve without feeling the effects of stress.


Throughout our life people place demands on us; which is ok to a limit.

I mean our boss, our customers and our work IS demanding at times. And when we are children, our parents and teachers put demands on us too.
These demands are either taken on board or rejected through defiance. When we reject demands we know that we can no longer live within the constraints being placed upon us. So we leave home, quit our job or take a demotion.

When our friends, family and loved ones place demands on us, we feel obliged to do things out of love, out of dependency, or simply because we care. Yet, again; eventually, when the demands over-reach us, or when we feel unappreciated, we start feeling resentment and obliged to do things.

Demands are made because of a need to control something. Work demands are there to control customer service, profits and productivity. School demands are there to control the level of education within the country.
But why do our loved ones, friends and family put demands on us?
Well; firstly because we allow them to.
Secondly; they do it out of a need to control a situation.

Telling someone what they can and can't do, is a control situation - even when said in encouragement. (because we encourage to try to sway someone to believe in themselves).

When you find yourself making demands, or on the receiving end of demands, it is important to ensure where those demands are coming from and if they will benefit YOU. If the demands take you out of your comfort zone, then you need to find a way to stand up for yourself.

Look at the nature of the demand, and ask yourself why it is there. Ask yourself WHY does this person want to control this action.
If you've been told to be someplace, or not be someplace. If you've been told not to do this/or to that. What is the core motivation behind that demand?

There is a difference between demands and requests.
And a request can take any form... it can take the form of explanation, which allows you to make up your own mind, it can take the form of a plea for help or consideration. But no where in that discussion should anyone tell YOU what to do. You must do what feels right. Else, there will always be a sense of discomfort.

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Scents for aiding stress include:- Bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, all citrus oils, neroli, patchouli, geranium, lavender, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, ylang ylang


Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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