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We feel ashamed when we look back at things.

Remember the past is not now. What you did in the past you wouldn't do now because you've learnt something, you've learnt how not to do something, you wont do it the same way again ..

If you are consumed by the shame of something which you did in the past. Can you now see what you would have done differently?

Write down or talk about what you would have done, and forgive yourself for NOT doing things in the way you would have done, if faced with the same situation today.

How could you have possibly have done things differently if you were unaware of how else to do it?

When a child first starts to learn to count. They can't do mental arithmetic, so they use their fingers to count.
You should not feel ashamed of doing something in the only way you know how.

We live we learn

We live. We learn. That is something to celebrate, not be ashamed of.

See what you have learnt and be glad you have learnt it... let it go... and you'll find understanding..

If your shame also involves guilt, or other people. If you truly feel you need to make amends or explain. Even if you can't actually do this to the persons you want to, sit down and write a letter intended for them. Put it in an envelope and put it somewhere safe. The whole process of writing down why you did what you did can help you, the whole process of imagining explaining your actions to the people involved can help clear the blockages.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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