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It feels as though we can do nothing to change the situation of loss. What's gone is gone, but we so desperately want it back.

What is covered below is not only the loss of a loved one, to heaven/in death (however you prefer to view it), but also the loss of a loved one who is living (or presumed living), and a loss of a relationship.

Loss of someone in your life

When someone leaves our life we feel that loss in different ways, depending on how close we were to them.

We loose people whom are important to us in our lives in many ways.

  • Death / Passing over
  • Difference of Opinion / Ending of a relationship
  • Invasion of space / Need to go alone
  • Abuse (Mental, Physical, and Substance)
  • Moving on
  • Abduction / Hostilities

Each situation is different, and each must be assessed differently according to circumstance, but the most important thing is how are YOU coping.

When we loose someone, that loss becomes the centre of our world. Suddenly nothing else matters and all you want is that person back in your life.

You must of course, do that which you feel you must do. But you can not stop living your life, you can not put your life on complete hold or standstill.

It takes time, the shock, the anger, the madness... it all takes time to settle in our heads and it is truly important that you do not have to go through this alone.

Seek out counselling or support groups which may be able to help you release the many thoughts in your head. Write down your thoughts and feelings on paper. Be sure your loved ones around you understand what you are going through. Don't try to keep things from them; if they don't understand if you can not explain things properly to them then they will not be able to help you. Other people around you love you and want you to be back to your 'old self', so it is important that you let them in and don't suffer alone.

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