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If someone is lying to you, then you must understand they do so, to try to protect you - or themselves.

Regardless, someone who lies, needs help of some kind, to find balance and acceptance in the area which they lie about;

  • a thief for example requires what they stole.
  • to lie to another person, means there is an issue within the liar which needs reconciliation.
  • to lie on a CV means you know you are capable, or that you really need the break; yet you haven't taken the required steps to truly prove yourself.
  • to lie to yourself, means you are denying yourself YOUR truth.
  • to lie to your partner means you wish to avoid inevitable argument; thus you know your partner is not accepting of you.

We have all lied about something, be that to protect ourselves from humiliation, shame, pride, modesty. We'd lie to a collegue, but not our best friend. We'd lie to our boss, but not to our parents...

But we lie to avoid our own personal issues. Because we don't want to admit who we truly are... because we don't want people to look at us in 'that way' or because we don't want people to think bad of us.

Lying to yourself

Lying is a distinct lack of honesty to yourself. When you lie to other people, you are lying to yourself.

Being honest to yourself is sometimes harder than being honest to someone else.
Simply because, to be honest with SOMEONE, you must have already been honest with yourself.

We lie to ourselves so much. It can be so revitalising to be honest.

Hiding things from others

When we hide things from others; it is not lying, but an absence of truth.

Consider the reasons why YOU do not wish to share or impart what you know.

It'll be because either you don't want others to see you in that light; or because you are trying to protect them.

The truth always comes out in the end.

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