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Letting Go

Letting go can be one of the hardest things in the world to. 

  • We are afraid to let go because we are afraid of change.
  • We are afraid of what may lie ahead for us if we don't let go. It is often very hard to see life without the problem in it.
  • Sometimes we really want to let go, but just don't know how.
  • Sometimes we are even afraid to admit that we feel negative about some things.

Letting Go may be about letting go of a feeling, or even a person, or maybe simply about letting go of your feelings about that person. It may be letting go of a career prospect, a family member, a feeling, a project or even a way of life.

Losing something of value

What happens when you loose something you think you value? The chances are you miss the feelings it gave you, not the actual item lost.

We loose things, possessions, jobs, friends throughout our whole life.

What happened to the first picture you drew?
Your first job?
Your first ever friend?

Change comes when we need change. Otherwise we'd never grow as people

We go on and draw better pictures, get better jobs, and new friends.

The thing to remember is that the things we want out of life DO change as we grow older, but we cling to what we have because we are afraid of change. Think of the friends you have NOW, and if you've ever been to a school reunion or met up with your 1st ever best friend, you'll see how different you both are now. What about your first boyfriend or girlfriend?

The point is that we let go of things all the time, and this time will be NO different from all the other times so long as you go with what you truly feel.


To let go, first you must identify the reasons you are feeling the way that you feel. Those feelings which are arising from the 'thought' of letting go.

Are you feeling angry?
What aspects make you angry? (this may be more than one thing)

Are you feeling disappointed?
Which parts disappoint you, specify.

Are you blaming yourself?
What things did you do and shouldn't have done, or didn't do when you should have.

Are you afraid of something?
For example, giving up, failure, change - be as specific as possible.

When we break everything down into bite-sized chunks, things become easier to swallow. As individual items, you can start to work out ways to bring the positive back into your life.

So if you are angry, work through the anger.
If you are feeling disappointment, work through why and settle each and every aspect of it. If you feel like a failure, work through what you can do to make better things in your life.

All those things which you want, you can achieve elsewhere if you care to look for it.

We hold on to things because we are mostly afraid to be without them in our lives.

We hold on to feelings because we are afraid that being happy or cheerful or hopeful is wrong under the circumstances.

We hold on to things that are not working out because we forget that better things are around the corner. We have no trust.

To let go means failure?
No. To let go of something which isn't working for you is actually success.

It is recognition of what is wrong, and deciding to make your life RIGHT. It is recognition of what stifles you, in favour of new opportunities around the corner.

When we LET GO, new opportunities DO appear. But those new opportunities RARELY appear whilst we are holding on to the old, because we are holding on so tightly - we simply DO NOT SEE, what else is on offer.

When you let go of something, something always comes along to fill that space.

If you aren't looking for a new job, then you don't go looking and are not open to the possibilities of a new job appearing in your life.

If you aren't looking for a new creative outlet, then one will not instantly appear - and even if it did; you wouldn't be looking right, and thus it would probably pass you by.

You have to be open to new opportunities. You have to know and trust completely that better things are out there for you - just keep your eyes and ears open.

Stop looking to the past - look to your future.

Life is what you make it.

Holding on to things which are NOT working, will not make you happy... You can't keep trying to turn water into wine... it'll frustrate you, annoy you, consume you...

So pull back your shoulders and tell yourself you're going to find something that is going to work, that IS going to be of more benefit than what you currently have.

Keep Moving Forward. Don't look back

If your decision to let go is made from the heart, then you won't actually look back. If you are trying to let go, or looking back it's coming from your head.

That is to say; if you have made a decision from your heart to do something, if your heart is true to moving forwards then, there is no need to look back. Our heads, our minds, our thoughts kick in because of outside influence trying to get us to look back.

IF Every decision is based on what you feel at the time then there is no need to look back.
Except maybe a few years down the road when you can say 'Thank Goodness for that'

If it's coming from your head; and you feel yourself reaching back - there is a reason for it. If it is your head, mind and thoughts saying let go, but your heart simply can not let go, you need to remember what you truly want. This may be unresolved issues, or a basic need being unfulfilled, but there is always a reason why your heart struggles to let go.

Unconditional Love

Being unconditional means having no-conditions attached.
Which means letting go, knowing you can let go and knowing you need not hold on.
It doesn't mean you HAVE to let go, or NEED not hold on, its simple acceptance of all is, as it is.

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