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Indifference is not ignorance, To be indifferent means you've built a strong wall to prevent yourself from expressing how you truly feel, which in turn stops you fully experiencing what stands before you.

Indifference is :-

  • Saying to yourself  'It doesn't matter' when deep down it does.
  • Holding back on your true emotional responses.
  • Being or feeling unable to express your emotions.
  • Feeling void of emotion.
  • Lack of energy to create enthusiasm for something.
  • Not being the true you.
  • Holding back on your true feelings.

Indifference is not :-

  • Truly not caring on an outcome is not indifference. It means you've already decided that neither outcome is preferable.
  • Unconcern, the situation and/or outcome has not effect on you or your life. Again, you've decided that 'this' has no reason to be in your life.

When you've made a fully informed decision based truly on your thoughts and feelings, you can not display indifference.

Indifference, is the inability or fear of expressing your true feelings and thoughts, which leads to building an invisible brick wall between you and what stands before you.

Indifference is not ignorance. Ignorance is the absence of information, absence of wanting information, and absence of response from information.

It doesn't matter

We are afraid to reveal our innermost thoughts in case of failure to reach what we desire.

I don't care, It doesn't matter, Whatever...

Yet deep down you're thinking, actually I'd prefer... to be honest I'd like... I hope...

If you honestly can not reveal your true feelings to someone about the situation, then at least be kind to yourself and tell yourself.
You'll find that once you are clear on your own feelings that you'll be less afraid to let snippets of information leek out into your actions and thoughts. Once you are clear on how you feel, you'll find the impetus to want to talk, to want to express.

Holding back/lack of emotional expression

What are you afraid of?

When you hold back or do not express your emotions. You are hurting yourself. If you can't express who you are in your life, then you are not being yourself.

If you are not being yourself then who the hell are you?

We hold back when we are afraid of other peoples responses. Why? Why be afraid of being who you are? Isn't it more responsible to be honest with yourself?

Appearing emotionless

No one is without emotions.
It's just sometimes we don't know how to express ourselves, or are unsure as to how we feel.

Dig down inside yourself to find out the truth.


Apathy is a whole new chapter at some point in the future.

However, briefly apathy is the feeling of dis-interest in everything or something. It can be quite severe and cause depression.

Start small, find one thing which would/may spark something within you.

Interacting with indifferent people

Quite often we say 'they don't care', this is our wish that 'they do care' - so figure out why it is so important to you.

Before you state someone is being indifferent, first look to see why you feel this way.

We all know a 'joker' someone who makes light of everything you say to them, we all know loud people who seem to take everything in their strides. Remember, everyone has thoughts and feelings and no-one is void of emotions, even if they appear to be.

Clearing indifference...

At times, we all act indifferent. We try to remain calm when really what we want to do is shout or scream or throw a tantrum. We try not to reveal what we feel as we are afraid or embarrassed as to what someone may think about us.

Be sure that what you say has some relevance to how you truly feel, be sure that you fully understand why you feel the way that you do.

It may take some practice to be honest about how we feel. Especially implementing it in our daily life, we get so used to hiding what we truly feel, it becomes a habit.

Believe in yourself, understand and you'll find that feelings of indifference will clear. So long as you are honest with yourself, truly honest as to how you feel.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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