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Hatred is a harsh word, and we use it mostly for things which we simply dislike...

When you hate something its generally because you fear it, in some way. You fear the action, or you've feared the action, or you didn't enjoy the experience. It could also be based on anger or blame.

Hate may be just an ardent dislike. True hate is something which is incredibly negative and will only become a downfall to yourself.

It's one thing to hate boiled cabbage, but it's not really hate. The cabbage never did anything to you 'personally', it's just you don't like the taste or texture.
You don't truly HATE it, just dislike it.

Hate can also stem from a lack of understanding. When we 'hate' somebody, it is usually because they have hurt us in some way and we do not understand why.

If you hate your circumstance, what can you do to change them in a positive way? (there is ALWAYS a way).

what you HATE about someone or something reflects what you hate about yourself

If you hate someone, you need to remember that what you hate about that person is about the feelings which arose in you because of that person. It'll be linked to jealousy, spite, blame, shame, or any other lower emotional state. But it comes from YOU. Not them.

You must work through your issues in connection to that which you hate. To find the acceptance that all is as is, to find forgiveness in yourself and others. These words may sound a little harsh, but the stark reality is that; what you HATE about someone or something reflects who you are.

The only way to combat hatred is by looking at YOU, looking at the real reasons you are being consumed by this emotion.

A short list of possible secondary reasons for your hatred.

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