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It's rare we feel total fulfilment for long.

Feeling fulfilled is that feeling that everything is right and you are on top of the world.

So often we go through life thinking that certain things will fulfil us, but when we get there it's still not enough.

You know when something is right, because it feels 100% right.
If whatever you are doing isn't feeling 100% right, then something needs to change in order for you to find complete happiness and fulfilment.

If you are not happy, you can not be the best person you can possibly be.
When you are not at your best, things get out of control, you can't work, sleep, eat or function with the same level of enthusiasm as you can when you are 100% happy...

Monday mornings spring to mind, compared to Saturday mornings... well... you're in the wrong job if getting up on a Monday doesn't fill you with enthusiasm.

If you are waking up in the morning with a sense of dread, or a sense of fear, anxiety, worry, upset, sadness, depression, or even simply a dull feeling, then something is not 100% right in your life.
You can of course, carry on regardless, but that feeling will build up to a point where it explodes or backfires into your life in a difficult way. You'll start to feel like nothing is going right for you, that nothing is going your way. It starts a downward spiral of depression.


So what would give you fulfilment?

The best and most constructive way of dealing with things is to sit down and write out everything in your life which makes you feel wrong or unsatisfied. All the things which don't feel right, or that are not giving you the happiness which you truly want. You may want to loose weight, build muscle, you may not be getting satisfaction at work, or at home.

Then look at the things which DO make you happy, look at the things you want to achieve in your life time. Look at how you want to feel every morning. For every single thing that is wrong, there IS a way to make things right, or at least a little better than they currently are.

It doesn't always have to be as drastic as quitting your job, but if your job is becoming mundane, look at why. If you need something more challenging, well what skills do you have... without getting despondent at the state of the job market, or your own lack of self worth, what do you want to be doing as work... and before you start making excuses as to WHY you can't do something else... look at the qualities you need to build up within yourself so that you CAN take on what you truly want.

Look at the goal post... you may not know yet how to kick a football - but you can learn.. you can take steps... steps in the right direction to at least start feeling that your life is heading in a certain direction.
But, this is something which you can not do half heartedly. You have to believe in yourself and in your capabilities. You have to believe in your potential.

You have to remember that the only thing stopping you from being happy is yourself.

Why do you deny yourself happiness?

When you are happy and fulfilled you are capable and feel capable of taking on the world... think back to some point in your past when you felt like that. When you felt that everything was perfect, you loved your job, home and life in general... everyone has one point in their lives when they felt like that, even for a split second... But that feeling of being on top of things is what you need to find in your life, should it be that you are not 100% happy with it.

Things will not go right for you unless you take steps to make them right.

Be honest with yourself, be honest with others and allow every step you take be on sure, sound footing.

You can choose the downward spiral, or you can choose to life yourself up to new heights.

Be happy.

Life is too short to sacrifice your own happiness. Life is too short to not even try to fulfil your dreams.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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