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It's important to forgive other people, otherwise you hold some form of resentment inside. Holding this resentment inside forms a defence of sorts, within you, meaning when faced with similar circumstances, you'll react from abase source of negativity.
This resentment means you'll face these circumstances with different people, judging them based on your past.  This resentments also means you'll face different circumstances with the same people, judging them on the actions from the original circumstance.

Forgiving someone for acting in a way which has hurt you, upset you, embarrassed you, shamed you, blamed you, angered you etc. Remember; these emotions are YOURS. You have the sole ability to work through the attached emotions and by doing so, forgiving someone will become a whole lot easier.

But because we hold on to the hurt; the pain; the anger - it is impossible to forgive.


When you can understand that every person is living their life the way they are meant to, to learn their lessons, and pay back karma. Forgiveness is easier.

When we can not forgive someone, we are essentially blaming them for how we feel. Even if their actions involve a situation which went wrong, it is our undying feelings that are preventing the act of forgiveness. We are angry at the results, upset at how things have turned out, jealous, bitter... It helps to realise that every one of us is human; and even though some people appear to be soul-less or heartless, it is mostly because they have built up barricades to protect themselves.

We are all human

Forgiveness involves acceptance of the person as they are. Remember too; you are not perfect. You've said and done things in your past which you wouldn't do now.

People all react in different ways to the same situation. We do so because we have all had different upbringings and had different morals and values around us as we have grown up. Forgive other human beings; because... because they are NOT you.

Because they are not you, they were acting from who they are and from what they have been taught.

Forgiving Yourself

The other person you should forgive is yourself. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you must forgive yourself for having such feelings that require giving someone else forgiveness.

To feel anger, resentment, jealousy, even things like hatred, are no good for our spirits. You can forgive the way you feel. But you have to want to forgive yourself.

If you truly can not find forgiveness within you, then you have to find a way to let go and move on.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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