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Throughout the course of a day, we live through many different emotions. Our emotional reactions are not limited to joy, happiness, sadness or guilt, but embody a variety of almost interlinked emotions.

Emotional situations make us feel sad, afraid, worried, make us feel grief, hate, indifference. They make us feel happy, joyful, love, contentment etc.

When any emotional state is prolonged, it brings with it differing physical and mental states. For example, we may feel tired or exhausted, we may feel a headache or tension. Even after periods of prolonged joy, we tend to feel a depletion of energy.

We have the choice how to feel, it may sound hard to believe; but we do. The reason we have choice, is simply because we can choose to fight or hide how we feel, or we can choose to work with how we feel.

"how you feel is entirely your choice.."

You do not have to be bound by your emotions.

Emotional pain is something which can't truly be described - all our experiences are different. But emotional pain can cause low self worth, anxiety, grief, destructive thoughts, anger, confusion, jealousy, greed, ignorance.. oh dear, the list is endless...

You do not have to feel angry, sad, bitter, afraid - how you feel is entirely your choice - Though it may not feel so at the time - When you are feeling down or upset it IS hard to know how to pick yourself back up.

Our emotions keep us bound. As in when we store up our emotions, or feelings. They crave expression; as such we find ourselves fighting how we feel. This leads to all kind of complications and irritations which can effect us when we least expect it; and in it's extreme, can effect us all day.

If you choose to fight how you feel, you'll notice that you feel tired quicker, are irritable, pre-occupied, self-absorbed, angry for no reason, impatient, depressed. Yet; when we choose to express and work through how we are feeling, we start to feel more relaxed, more comfortable, more confident and happier.

Do not fight how you feel

So you see, Do not fight how you feel, as it may just be the only thing which can save you from a downward slide. Even though your sadness may feel like a downward slide, once you have worked through it; you can pick up your life.

When we store things up inside us, either by being afraid to feel, or through restriction, it brings us down, it holds us in dark places.
We try to rise above those dark places, but they are ALWAYS there.
Strangling us, stifling us, starving us, denying us....

When you allow your self to feel, when you can acknowledge the emotions with pride, even the negative ones, to understand where they come from and allow yourself to FEEL the ownership of such emotions.
What happens is suddenly these feelings do NOT own you. YOU own the feelings.

When you can understand that repressing and hiding your feelings can actually cause our downfall. That’s when you can realise, that allowing yourself to feel, taking pride in your feelings – may just be the only thing which can actually save you and lift you out from where you are trapped.

It is said that there are two main emotions on which all other emotions are based. These two emotions are love and fear. All negative emotions have a sense of fear attached to them in some form.

Bringing peace and happiness into your life will help you to come back into balance. A balance of positive and negative emotions brings a feeling of emotional contentment, which neither pulls you too 'high' nor pulls you too 'low'.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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