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"The strength of your doubts is a reflection of the strength of your potential." Eric Francis

How true, when we doubt something, the doubt is the opposite of what we want.. hence a reflection. What do you think you can't do... see the reflection, and know what it means.

To have a doubt means you are considering something...

We only have doubts over things we do/are intending to do/want.

To doubt means you don't believe in yourself or in your capabilities.

"For a time, you'll be figuring out what you hold dear and true based largely on the discovery of what you simply cannot abide." Eric Francis

When you doubt yourself, you hold back real feeling.
When you doubt yourself, you are afraid to truly feel.

Feeling will make you real again.

We don't have to put up with things. What we do need to do is figure out exactly how we feel.

Only when you know what you feel can you be honest about things, then take the correct course of action...

When you remove the negative influences in your life, the positive aspects can reign.

Justifying your actions

When you spend time convincing someone else to justify your actions, you are in fact clarifying and convincing yourself... being clear, and having someone understand you helps you to justify your choices.

The process of convincing others usually means that you are not fully convinced yourself.

There is a distinct difference between explaining things to someone, and trying to convince someone of something.


When you need outside validation, it is because you are doubting yourself in some way.

We seek validation, when we ask others what THEY would do. By asking others what they would do, we then remove our responsibility to ourselves.

Never ask if someone thinks you are doing the right thing. They are not YOU.

Outside opinion is useful

Discussing things with other people helps to clarify things in your own mind. It is however, you who should make the ultimate decision.

Other people have wisdom which you can draw on, and the sharing of information is VERY important.

Yet be sure, that it is your final decision, that you do things because YOU feel it's right.

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Do as you feel is right, and if it feels wrong don't do it!.
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