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  Tender Touch Therapies

West Yorkshire

Holist/complimentary therapies are an accessible, convenient, and therapeutic treatment, which gives instant relief from tension and stress and provides a number of health benefits. Holistic therapies are pleasurable and concentrate on the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension, inducing peace, tranquillity and promoting high levels of alertness and concentration. Stress undermines both physical and emotional health. When a person is under prolonged stress, their body increases production of certain hormones which bring about marked changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolism. Long-term, this can be damaging and debilitating. They also become tense, bringing about change in posture. Because of this, many people suffer from a range of stress-related disorders.

The therapies currently available can benefit most people and are suitable for treating almost any condition. Herbal Compress Hopi Ear Candling Hot Stone Massage/Therapy Indian Head Massage Massage Reflexology Swedish Massage Thai Herbal Massage Tibetan Head & Face Massage Therapeutic chair massage Even if you are fit and well, having a regular complementary therapy treatment is an excellent way of maintaining your health and sense of wellbeing.

So if you want the chance to devote some time just to yourself, receiving a relaxing, stress relieving treatment in our homely salon, you have come to the right place.

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Tender Touch Therapies
Address: 5, Nab Lane, Battyeford, Mirfield, West Yorkshire. WF14 9BN


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