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  • Tsuboki: Blue Angel Therapies, High Wycombe, Bucks

Holistic Master Practitioner Blue Angel Therapies

High Wycombe

I have practiced alternative health therapy for more than 10 years and bring creativity and lateral thinking to my work. My practice includes Reflexology, NLP, Communications Coaching, Reiki/Seichem, Auric Reading, Tsuboki and many more.

I am highly qualified in all these fields. Through these many qualifications, I have developed a system which incorporates a cross-section of these therapies, resulting in a holistic treatment approach appropriate to my client's needs.

When treating a client I focus on balancing body, mind and spirit. Once in balance, perception of the world changes and a sense of harmony settles in.

If you are challenged with the changes that are happening and feel out of balance then my therapies will help bring you back to your natural state of well-being.



Blue Angel Therapies
Address: 8 Gardener Walk Holmer Green HP15 6TX High Wycombe


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