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T'ai Chi T'ai Chi Wellbeing

Newcastle under Lyme

Whether you are looking for a fun four week beginner's taster course in T'ai Chi; a life changing T'ai Chi Lifestyle course, or an accredited T'ai Chi Diploma that will propel you to teacher/practitioner level, we have courses running in Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent, Cheshire, Shropshire, Devon and Somerset to meet everyones needs.

Medical Qigong training (TCM) is also available at the same locations.
My mission is to make T’ai Chi Ch’uan available to everyone; patients as well as all practitioners who dedicate their lives to helping others and spend so little time on themselves.
Over the last 20 years I have taught many disability groups, cancer patients, M.E., M.S. and Parkinsons' patients and spearheaded Falls Prevention projects with the NHS and Social Services.

My PCE Cert. Ed. teaching qualification(2005) will enable me to train practitioners to a very high standard. All I ask is that people keep an open mind.
There are so many aspects to T’ai Chi Ch’uan that I am convinced there is something in this fascinating system for everyone.
It can be fun finding it! I don’t enforce my views. My passion is simply sharing my knowledge.



T'ai Chi Wellbeing
Address: PO Box 2507 Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire ST5 0WY
07952 343658