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Past Life Regression Willowbank Therapies

Teignmouth, Devon

We offer a range of caring therapies in beautiful South Devon to help you heal body, mind and spirit, and get the most out of life. Based in Teignmouth, we have a restful treatment room where you will be assured of comfort, confidentiality and the highest level of service from two highly qualified and experienced therapists.

Our therapies and services include:
* Hypnotherapy
* Past Life Regression
* Life Choices Therapy
* Bowen
* Reiki
* Energy Healing

We believe that healing comes in many forms, and our approach is to be flexible according to the needs of individual clients. Our broad training in many different areas of the healing arts means that we can help you decide which method will work best for you.



Willowbank Therapies
Address: Teignmouth, Devon
07949 579160





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