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A selection of visitor comments.

Love the way you put things, love the meanings behind your words. Wish I could more eloquently tell you how much your words meant to me at this time.
I have added your site as a favourite and will visit often.
Thank you

These words - have helped me so much. - Thank you

People chose to hear what they want, and you can never be over informed.
Well my glass is empty and I'm sure I have rambled enough~ power to your elbow/keyboard/wrist/whatever it is these days, and I will peruse your pages again

I would like to thank-you for your brilliant website. It is comprehensive, holistic and full of fascinating information.
I have looked at many books and websites on them now, but yours is the best because it is so practical.
Thanks so much.

I just wanted to say thanks and that I do totally believe in the relevance of coincidence!

The qualities you share of open hearted sharing, giving back to society to raise awareness and your compassion are greatly appreciated!
Your manner and correspondence is as equally clear and reassuring

Your article, I would like to thank you for your beautiful words and for sharing your beautiful heart, if you need anything please let me know

I wish to thank you for the advice about letting go on your site.

I stumbled across your website by accident, but I don't believe in accidents.

I believe in fate and therefore have read your words and they have really meant something to me today, so I just wanted to say thank you for your words! It was the right time to read them.

You speak a lot of truth x

I have your site saved in my favourites so whenever i need to pick myself up.. or whatever.. i have a wee read!! Thanks

I was researching on behalf of a friend , I also found some great infor for myself. i am a great fan of caroline myss so this is all quite familiar, nice work! x

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